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This article originally appeared in ShortList on 21 September 2010, 4.35pm


Not all top billers want to be leaders, so motivate them in other ways: Clennett


Top billers who are not interested in being promoted into leadership roles become flight risks, says recruitment trainer and industry expert Ross Clennett, and recruitment company managers must stay vigilant in order to prevent these employees getting bored.


In his most recent blog, Clennett said that if a top biller had expressed reluctance to become a people manager within the business, there was a real risk that without fresh challenges, they might be tempted by an offer from a rival agency.


This could happen "even though that top biller has expressed no dissatisfaction with their job or the company or made any attempt to leave previously", he said.


Clennett told Shortlist the market for experienced and talented recruiters was incredibly tight at present, and therefore those who left would be tough to replace.


He said many top billers were unwilling to be managers, "and it occurs because what the experienced recruiter sees [managers deal with] is just a lot of headaches".


Some top recruiters felt they had enough stress dealing with candidates and clients, he said.


"A lot of big billers would say: 'You know what, just give me the money and the standard hours - don't give me the extra headaches.'"


Are they truly a top biller?

Clennett said a manager should objectively assess the staff member and decide whether they were indeed an elite recruiter by industry standards.


He cited recent research from sales training company BSRP that found the top tier of perm consultants billed at least $590k per annum, and the best temp/contract consultants brought in at least $900k.


If the individual wasn't yet at this level, the first step was to challenge them to achieve higher billing targets.


Managers could also set "stretch targets" for their best consultants, such as securing a certain proportion of exclusive assignments, or making two reverse marketing placements a month.


Consider mentoring, conferences and executive education

Clennett said there were a number of other approaches recruitment managers could take to support top-performing staff and keep them interested in their work:

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