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As the Moderator of this blog, I would like to reiterate Ross Clennett’s recent comment about posting as ‘ANONYMOUS’.     We do not wish to phase this out, however it makes it impossible for people to respond to an endless list of ANONYMOUS posts.     If you wish to remain ANONYMOUS, that is fine, but please use the following instructions and choose a phantom name so that your comment can be distinguished from others and people can direct comments and responses with ease.   If people continue to use the ANONYMOUS option to post comments, I will remove that option.Please consider the real purpose of blogs – to have your say, share views and opinions and respond (with ease) to other people’s comments.Below are 2 screen grabs of how to post a comment without using the ANONYMOUS option, but still withholding your real name, if you so desire.Choose a phantom or random name, so that your comment can be distinguished from others.If you have any further questions, please respond to me via this post or message me directly or by email at [email protected]com          

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