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Seven years ago in Sydney I ran a small group coaching session for three senior leaders of multi-national recruitment agency, Aquent  . In that session I met Duncan Cunningham  , a likeable, cheerful English ex-pat who was responsible for the Aquent business in Hong Kong. We stayed in irregular contact for a year before he moved to Shanghai to lead the growth of Aquent in China.

Last year, shortly after Duncan left Aquent to start his new job as Director of Employment at Nuance Communications   in Shanghai, we reconnected via Twitter (@chinaduncan) and LinkedIn.

I was interested to know more about recruiting in China and after accepting an invitation to discuss the topic as part of my monthly membership webinars Duncan, Liana (my assistant) and I recorded our conversation on Friday 10 June, 2011.  It was a convivial, educational and very enjoyable conversation as Duncan freely shared all his knowledge about recruiting in China in a 43 minute interview.

Three weeks later I found out the shocking news that, the previous day, Duncan had passed away of natural causes. He was 37 years old. His wife and two young sons were devastated, and the extended Aquent/Firebrand Talent community was equally shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of their former colleague and good friend.

Liana and I were also shocked when we found out and it made for a very sobering start to my holiday week.

In response to this tragedy, the extended Aquent/Firebrand network has started a fund to support Duncan’s family.

In support of The Duncan Cunningham Family Fund, the contribution is to donate 100% of the proceeds from the purchase (AUD$99) of Duncan’s webinar recording to his family’s fund.

To provide further value I am including in your purchase/donation the just released eBooks, Best of InSight: Volume 3  and Best of Ross Recommends: Volume 3, as well as Volume’s 1 & 2   of both these eBooks (valued at AU$82.50). These six eBooks collectively contain 146 articles (some of which I have posted on  this blog)  and 124 recommendations.

This fundraising drive and collective $99 offer will finish on 31 July 2011.

You can make your purchase/donation via Duncan Cunningham’s webinar page  on my website.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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