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In late September I announced my inaugural InSight readers’ survey  and invited people to complete a 21 question survey about InSight and my blog.  
I thought you might be interested in some of the results from the survey that was completed by 175  people (my goal was 200):  

  • 73%   of respondents had been reading my material for at least 1 year  
  • 51%   had more than 10 years recruitment experience
  • 30%  were recruitment agency recruiters  followed by recruitment agency owners/CEOs (27%)  
  • 30%  worked in the Sydney metro area,   followed by Melbourne metro (22%)  and  then New Zealand (12%)  
  • 78%   said they read the opening editorial and lead article of every InSight issue they receive  
  • In Ross Recommends, recruitment-specific   books were of greatest interest to readers (91%   rated their interest as either ‘high’ or ‘moderate’) closely followed by general business   books (88%  ) and personal developmen  t books (87%  ) and free eBooks   (86%  ). Of least interest were travel   books (57%   rated their interest as ‘low’)
  • 41%   of respondents saved every issue   of InSight
  • 68%   of respondents ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ used the contents of InSight for a consultant-level discussion  and 55%  ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ used the contents of InSight for a leadership-level discussion  
  • In terms of lead article content the most popular type of article/blog   was recruitment industry commentary   (83%   of respondents rated their interest as ‘high’), followed by recruitment industry trends   (81%  ), recruitment skills   (80%  ) and recruitment leadership   (77%  ). Articles of least interest  were about social media   (48%  )
  • The most popular article was The 5 Things I wish I knew when I started in recruitment

Here are three representative quotes out of 110 specific comments provided in response to the question ‘What do you enjoy most about InSight?’.   

As a recruiter with 10 plus years experience it takes me back to grass roots good recruiting that one sometimes forgets when running a busy desk. Takes me back to basics. I respect Ross’s experience and style of recruitment and his insights sometimes reaffirm how I do things running my own desk. It keeps me up to date with trends in the recruitment market that I may not otherwise have been aware off. Also his recommendations of others blogs etc.   

Always worth reading. Ross obviously has an attitude that if he is going to write something it has to keep HIS interest for the time it takes to write, so that’s good for readers. No BS, no shirking the difficult issues, no patronising less experienced people or slagging us ‘old dogs.’   

Fearless. Energetic. Don’t always agree!   

Thanks everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The results have been very helpful to me in reviewing my commitment to writing InSight and the content I provide.

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