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Recruiters Rock!  

My recent defence of the recruitment industry hasn’t
been welcomed by all of my readers, including some recruiters (it would
appear). I prefer not to have to invest energy in responding to the
people having a go at our industry but sometimes a cheap shot can’t be
left alone.


To redress the balance I have contacted a handful of
recruitment industry owners and leaders and asked them to send me some
good news. More specifically, I was keen to showcase the best of the
recruitment industry with the ‘thank you’s’ and endorsements their
recruiters have received from satisfied candidates and clients who
utilise the services of our industry.


Here’s just twelve such endorsements from a very
large selection of what I was sent:



Once again I would just like to thank you for the
amazing experience I had with Volare and you especially.  I am just
amazed at the professionalism and personalised experience.  I cannot
thank you enough and I am so grateful for the time you took to help me
in getting this role.


I have never experienced such a personalised and
exceptional experience with a recruitment company before and am truly


It is no wonder you are such a success!


Chloe Blacklock  
(candidate)  thanking her
recruiter, Volare Recruitment’s owner,

Jacquie Speirs



Firstly, I would like to humbly thank you and the
Slade staff who have contacted me and indeed, looked after my interests
over the past few weeks. In this respect, Leesa, Helen and Roma have
been so kind to me.


The urgency and kindness afforded me in assisting with my search for a
fresh start, was very much appreciated. To have that level of support is
important and means so much to a job seeker, especially one who has been
foolish enough to leave before securing new employment.


Phillip Nghiem  
thanking Slade Group owner,
Geoff Slade  



A quick note to thank you for persisting and
succeeding where others (including our in-house team) have failed. As
you know we tried for months to find the right talent for the role in


Everyone I spoke too said it was too hard and we’d
never find anyone. I was starting to believe them. I was impressed that
you took on the task and found the perfect candidate within a short time
frame. Brilliant.


I should also tell you that the HR team were
impressed with your professionalism and (just quietly) relieved that you
had found (candidate name) for us.


I’ll be sure to engage you the next time we need
more talented people.


James Budin   (National Director
Strategic Bids & Sales, Deloitte Australia) writing to TalentID Leaders
Malcolm Waldock  



I was just thinking last night that I have been
with Clicks continuously for over 8 years – with never a cause for
complaint.  In fact, the quality of support has been outstanding in
every respect.  Thanks to you and the entire team for a very
professional and effortless experience – your (collective) help and
support has been greatly appreciated.


(candidate)  thanking
Clicks IT Recruitment manager,

Jan Wills



We decided to engage Ian Hamilton and Carroll
Consulting on a particularly senior, pivotal role that we had sought to
fill within our organisation for some time. An expensive advertising
process hadn’t returned the desired result. I knew that Carroll
Consulting’s methodology was meticulous, but hadn’t considered it
previously for this role. To address cost constraints and our culture as
a not-for-profit, we worked with Ian to map out a staged and less direct


Ian brought new thinking to the table. Through his
very detailed briefing process, we were able to deliver an extremely
well defined role description and specification of the type of person we
needed. Ian set up the whole approach so that we had flexibility to take
over the process at any stage.


What surprised me, was the depth of his approach
when I was invited to sit in on the initial interviews.  This gave me far
greater insight into the importance of understanding past patterns of
behaviour. It helped me clarify my thoughts regarding who was going to
be the best cultural fit for our organisation.   


We benefitted from an efficient and effective
process and, based on feedback I received through some of those
contacted, Carroll Consulting’s process undoubtedly left a positive
impression. I am pleased to say we now have someone in the role who is
successfully contributing to our growth and fitting in superbly with our
team and organisation. 


I highly recommend Ian and Carroll Consulting to
anyone looking for a recruitment result that goes beyond the obvious to
match people, behaviours, expectations and culture.


Mitchell Giles  ,
(CEO, Lives Lived Well)   writing about Carroll Consulting MD,
Ian Hamilton  



I would like to formally Thank you for all of your
dedicated support and commitment during the last couple of months.


Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the time and effort you have
taken  to find me the perfect role.


I have never dealt with an agency  in the past  that has been so helpful
and supportive both before, during and after any interview process and
shown such a caring attitude.


Kylie Coldrey  ,
(candidate) writing about JDA Recruitment consultant,

Rebeccah Menzel



Paul is a brilliant Rec to Rec. His honesty,
passion, and knowledge of the industry shines through the work he does.
Paul is personable, charismatic and really cares about the people that
he works with; client or candidate. 


Paul went out of his way several times to ensure
that I felt comfortable with the process of finding me a role – coaching
me, and giving me the confidence I needed to take that next step in my
recruitment career.


Paul is an outstanding worker. His communication skills are second to
none, and he always has more than time for anyone who crosses his path.


Laura Kirk  ,
(candidate) writing about Hamilton Professional MD,
Paul Hamilton  



Mingara engages the services of PeopleFusion when
recruiting for specialist roles within our organisation and has always
found their approach to be very professional and committed to providing
the right candidate to enhance our business.


Their team recommends candidates who share our
same common values and cultural fit. They provide excellent follow-up
contact with both the successful candidate and our organisation, and
keep in touch on a regular basis.


Grant Gladman   (CEO,
Mingara Leisure Group) writing about




I… wanted to express my thanks for the role that
Darral played in the recruitment process. Darral took the time to really
try to understand what I was looking for in an organisation and in a
role and what my key drivers were. This personalised and professional
approach acknowledged the complex psychological contract that begins
between an organisation and an individual way before they have actually
accepted a particular role. It also communicated to me that his primary
aim was to ensure a good fit for both DCWC and for me rather than
just finding somebody to fill the role.


Darral’s follow up was consistent and prompt and
this allowed me to build up my understanding of both DCWC and more
importantly of the potential opportunities for becoming part of this
organisation. This follow up was always deeply respectful of the
decision making process that I was undertaking and appeared to
acknowledge and accept that the decision to join an organisation is
always a process and never an event.


He also has a very detailed understanding of the
pros and cons of working with the “big four” versus a smaller more
focussed organisation such as DCWC and therefore he was able to very
quickly build up a sense of trust and understanding of what I was
looking for in a role.


Jenny Hoffman  
(candidate) writing to  Lawson Delaney CEO,
Guy Sigston  about principal consultant
Darral Roberts  



In my role as a Board Member of the YWCA of
Canberra, I worked with David on the recruitment of a new Executive


Throughout the process, David demonstrated his passion for providing
high quality service and delivering outcomes for his clients. He gave us
advice that on a number of occasions challenged what we had been
thinking and led us to a stronger position.


After having had one ED for more than 10 years, the Board was nervous
about both the process and ensuring we got the right candidate. David
helped us to feel comfortable about the decisions we were making and
helped us secure a fantastic candidate as the ED.


Since then, David has been generous in offering advice to me in my role
with UN Women NC Australia.


Julie McKay  
(Executive Director, UN Women Australia) writing about HorizonOne
David Harrington  



I have had some fantastic feedback on your staff
this morning from a potential truck operator that Kylie sent through to


Mayana Aspinall sang the praises of Kylie’s
assistance in her recruitment with us. Kylie has been very professional
and attentive, following up with any questions that Mayana has had, and
most importantly, getting back to her when she says she will. Mayana
commended Paddington on utilising MPI services, as we are portrayed as a
very ‘professional company’ by MPI.


Of course, you and I already know what a fantastic
team you have at MPI. But I thought this is a good chance to share the
positive feedback with you, and to also use this chance to say thank you
to you all – especially to Kylie, who has put in a lot of hard work for
us. We appreciate it!


Kristy Martin   (HR
Advisor, Paddington Gold Mine) writing to
Shane Moore,  Manager – Workforce
Operations at Mining People International about MP consultant
Kylie Nunweek  



I have much experience as a longstanding
professional manager, across several business, commercial and NFP
sectors. My experience has included hiring and micro managing staff,
engaging external recruitment agencies and in more recent times,
applying for positions through various agencies, both here and in


I have no hesitation in stating that Warwick Brown
is the most professional, caring, consistent and supportive person in
this field I have ever known. Consequently his excellent service
reflects very well for Slade Partners.


Thank you and well done Warwick, you are indeed
the shining light at the end of the tunnel.


Barrie East  
(candidate and client) writing about Slade Partners senior partner
Warwick Brown  



I know there are thousands of other similarly
satisfied (and thrilled) people who experience the professionalism and
commitment of Australia’s 22,000 recruitment consultants every day.


Thank you, recruiters. I know you work very hard to
deliver great results and rarely do you get the appreciation and
recognition you deserve from demanding candidates and clients.


Thank you recruitment agency owners for building
companies that are delivering great results; in the midst of one of the
most demanding and competitive economic environments that the
recruitment industry has ever experienced in this county.


I hope you all enjoy a well earned break this
Christmas and New Year and come back in 2014 ready to lift the bar for
the recruitment industry even higher.

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