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I’ve previously alerted you to the excellent blog of Chris Savage, Wrestling Possums, Chris has started the year with a cracking post, Here’s The Best Advice You Will Get All Year in which he relates two pieces of advice he received recently.

Here’s the advice: Take more time, cover less ground and be clear what gives you pleasure, and do more of it

I love it!

Regardless of the direct applicability to my own life, I immediately thought of how apt these two sentences might be as gems of wisdom to guide agency recruiters this year.

Here’s how:
Take more time, cover less ground: Why don’t you work on fewer assignments and do better work on each of the assignments you do choose to work on? Review all the jobs you worked on in 2013; what would have happened had you declined to work on the bottom (quality) 10%? I bet you would have freed up more than 10% of your time and you would have filled a greater percentage of the other 90% of the jobs you did work on.
What would have happened had you interviewed 15% fewer candidates because you were more rigorous with your phone screening? What difference would that have had to the quality of service you provided to the remaining 85%?

Be clear what gives you pleasure, and do more of it: Think about the candidates and clients you most enjoyed working with in 2013; wouldn’t you like to do more work with people like that? How could you make that happen? What  decisions would you need to make? What action would you need to take?

I’m not promising it’s going to be easy or quick to do this but wouldn’t some clarity on these two gems of wisdom provide a powerful compass for your business development activities, and overall effectiveness in 2014?

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

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