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L-R, Sam, James (my son), Ned, Lola, me (Mornington, December 2019)


In 1998, Mavis Robertson, witnessed a breast cancer fun run overseas and was inspired to create something similar in Australia. Along with her co-founder Louise Davidson, she planted that seed among her network in the superannuation industry.

At the time, Industry Superannuation firms were noticing that breast cancer was one of the common reasons for accessing death and disability benefits. Creating an inspiring event to raise critical funds for breast cancer research was the perfect way to advocate for women’s health and so the Mother’s Day Classic was born.

Just over 3,000 Australians registered for the first Mother’s Day Classic event in 1998 with events held in both Melbourne and Sydney. The Mother’s Day Classic has become an inspiring, community-driven tradition for thousands of Australian families who want to show support for a cause that affects so many.

Over the past 23 years, the Mother’s Day Classic Foundation (MDCF) has raised $37.95 million for life-saving breast cancer research.

Since the Mother’s Day Classic started in 1998, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer has increased from 84% to 91%. Research is making a difference, but there is still a long way to go.

The 2021 Mother’s Day Classic, on Sunday 9 May, will be a fully local community event in cities and towns throughout Australia (view participating locations here).

As I have for the past nine years, I request your support in my goal to raise $10,000. Each year the MDC makes a multi-million dollar donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to assist with the funding of research projects that are consistent with the NBCF’s goal of zero breast cancer deaths by 2030.

Last May was a tough month to be fundraising for anything as the impact of COVID lockdown was hitting with full force however the recruitment community did themselves proud with my fundraising total for 2020 reaching $5575, thanks to 42 donors. Across nine campaigns I have raised a total of $66,880.40.

My passion for breast cancer fundraising came from the death of my sister, Mary, who passed away on 18 January 2012 in a London hospital, aged 44 years and one month.

Mary’s death left her husband and life partner of 20 years, Sam, to raise their 5-year-old son, Ned, and 4-year-old daughter, Lola, in their Hertfordshire home.

Ned has just turned 15 years old and Lola is 13 years old. Ned is a fanatical rugby player and Lola excels at cross country and hockey.

Fortunately, Sam, Ned and Lola’s most recent visit to Australia occurred across Christmas 2019 and into January 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns.

It was wonderful to see them after an absence of four years.

It seems certain it will be at least another two years before we see them again.

My Mother’s Day Classic fundraiser is my sole fundraising event each year and I am very grateful for the continued support of my subscribers and readers; people like you.

If you gain value from the free content I distribute via this newsletter and my blog, then I invite you to make a donation to my 2021 MDC fundraising campaign.  A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.

My fundraising page can be accessed here. Simply populate the $ box on the right-hand side of my fundraising page then click on the pink donate button to pay with any major credit card.

Thank you for your support.

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(Below, speaking at a boardroom promotion of the 2019 Mother’s Day Classic)

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