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Recruitment-specific books by local authors have always been thin on the ground.

Geoff Morgan and Andrew Bank’s Flourish and Prosper, Greg Savage’s The Savage Truth and Mandy Johnson’s Winning The War for Talent are the three I know. All three are excellent and I highly recommend each of them.

Equivalent books for job-seekers, written by local authors, have been equally hard to come by. Martin Darke’s The 30 Second Impact Resume (written when he was living in Australia although he now resides in the UK) is brief but full of great information for constructing a resume. Andrea Clarke’s Future Fit: How to stay relevant and competitive in the future of work is very good and won Australian Business Book of the Year in 2019.

I am very happy to report that Erin Devlin managing director of people2people (Victoria) and RCSA 2017 Professional Recruiter of the Year has just published her first book How to get the job you really want

Here’s my brief book review:

The competition for the best jobs with the best employers has never been hotter. Finding and securing the right job at the right time, appropriate to your career ambitions is one of the most important things you will do in your life and you can’t afford to undertake this without expert help.

Get the job you really want is the expert help you need, in fifteen easy-to-read and actionable chapters complete with examples, checklists, templates, and worksheets.

Erin has extracted every last piece of her extensive and invaluable knowledge to equip ambitious job seekers with the best, most comprehensive, and up-to-date resources and advice to help them secure them the job that could change their career trajectory (and maybe even their whole life).

This book is compulsory reading for anybody who wants more from their career and is hungry for the ultimate practical guide to help them achieve it.  

The content is also a great additional resource for recruiters in assisting candidates prepare for interviews; managing job offers; for offering career advice; generally and helping candidates stand out from the pack.

I urge you to support Erin, and local authors, by purchasing her book. Booktopia is currently offering a 19% discount. Buy Get the job you really want in paperback for $24.25 (RRP $29.95) via this link.

You can hear Erin speak on personal branding at the RCSA’s TalentX in Sydney in two weeks’ time.

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