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Advanced Recruiter Program

Registrations close and session 1 preparation: 23 August 2024

6 webinar sessions (all Thursdays):

29 August,
12 September, 26 September
10 October, 24 October
21 November

Session time: 11.00 am until 1.00pm AEST

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Limited to a maximum of 12 participants

The Advanced Recruiter Program runs across six group (webinar) sessions and one individual coaching session with Ross Clennett.

Purpose: Improve individual productivity, covering desk-level productivity and general work-life balance to maximise the likelihood that each participant views agency recruitment (and, hopefully, their current employer) as aligned with their long term career goals.

Specific content:

  • Review and benchmarking of personal billings and KPIs
  • The six competencies of long term high performers in agency recruitment
  • Work-life balance – the research on when to push and when to rest
  • The two things that the elite sales professionals do better than the other 93% of salespeople
  • The One Per Cent Rule – how being consistently just slightly better than your competitors leads to outsized rewards (Winner Takes All Effect)
  • The five types of salespeople (including the most, and least successful profile – which one are you?)
  • The mindset and approach of the best salespeople
  • Reframing – how to change the conversation with prospects and clients from one of ‘filling jobs with candidates’ (because that’s what all your competitors say)
  • The two biggest lies clients tell themselves (and how you can educate them differently)
  • The importance of momentum – how to create it and how to recognise the black holes that becalm your best attempts to fill a job quickly
  • The 11 critical components of the assignment brief that set up the assignment for maximum speed, quality and results
  • The ten most important aspects of keeping candidates on-side during the recruitment process
  • Advanced interviewing techniques - how to prove you are better than your competitors at identifying the best candidates
  • The SEEC technique - presenting candidates to maximise all client-candidate interviews are booked and undertaken quickly
  • The order of interviews – when it matters, and when it doesn’t, to have your client interview your best candidate last
  • The ‘comparison’ candidate(s) – how to most effectively handle the dreaded client question; “Who else have you got?”
  • The year in review – the stats that recruiters, typically, don’t look at (but should)
  • Your online presence – are you missing out on what savvy recruiters do online
  • Program review and completion


The program material is drawn from the breakthrough research (Corporate Executive Board, 2009) in the area of individual sales performance.

Format: The program is typically delivered as six two-hour webinar sessions (GoToWebianr or Zoom) plus one individual session of 45 minutes

This is a program that will require a commitment to attend all sessions and complete all the specified assignments between each session.

All participants completing the program receive a Certificate of Attendance that is recognised by the RCSA (Aus & NZ) as worth 20 points towards gaining or maintaining professional accreditation.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of enrolment and the system/technical requirements

Advanced Recruiter Program

Next program commences
29 August 2024

AUD $2500 + GST per person

In order to establish whether this Program is suitable for your professional development needs, you will need to complete a questionnaire.

Places cannot be purchased until the short questionnaire has been completed.

I participated in Ross’s Advanced Recruiter Program at the end of 2020 and can’t speak highly enough of his program. Ross is a fantastic presenter and the program was well organised, with each session developed with a clear purpose and practical information that could be readily applied in my role.

Ross does a great job of bring the participants together and it was a pleasure of collaborating with like minded recruiters and sharing our knowledge and opportunities to learn from each other.

Given the challenging year that 2020 was – this course gave me the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone and challenge my current practices as well as identifying opportunities I can further develop my craft.

Thank you Ross for your openness and the opportunity to learn from your own recruitment experiences!

Megan Vila Pouca
Recruitment Specialist at Inspire HQ

I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Recruiter Course which was run by Ross in the latter part of 2020. The sessions provided great insight and learning material to enhance my confidence and provide me with a "can do" attitude to take me to the next level of recruitment. The sessions were engaging and Ross simply had a style that connected the participants that were taking part across Australia. Thank you Ross I am thoroughly enjoying my work and using some of your principles and insights!

Sarah Jardine
Civil, Construction and Mining at Mining People International

I recently completed the Advanced Recruiter Program that Ross Clennett runs via his online platform and can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. As always, Ross delivers the content in a punchy, clear and relevant manner which I find easy to digest and apply to the specific sector I recruit in. 

I recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a way to take an already successful recruitment desk to new heights by simply tweaking your existing methods with Ross' guidance. You don't need to re-write your style of recruitment, but be prepared to re-write your level of success!

Jamie Todd
Managing Consultant (Construction & Professional Services)
Cobalt Recruitment, Christchurch, NZ

As CEO of one NZ s largest recruitment agencies, it was important that I engaged with a coach trainer facilitator that would provide training and development to our business because they understood the industry and truly had an appreciation of what it takes to run a high performing recruitment desk and lead a high performing team.

I highly recommend Ross.

Liza Viz
Chief Executive  
Beyond Recruitment , Auckland, NZ

Ross provides great insight into the mindset of high performance and achievement that can be applied to all areas of life. In working together with Ross, we found that his communication style combined with his clear understanding of all aspects of the recruitment cycle meant that he was relevant, engaging, and delivered thought provoking content.

Ross speaks from experience when talking about the insights about what makes the difference between someone performing at the highest levels of their capability versus merely achieving average results. Ross truly cares about delivering real benefits to his clients and we have seen that first hand in all of our interactions with him.

If you are ready to get to the next level of success and are looking for a mentor, coach, or trainer to help you get there then look no further than Ross - he has what it takes if you will listen, make changes, and apply the learning.

Glenn Chaffey
Co-Founder, Director
Exclaim IT, Brisbane

I attended Ross' Advanced Recruiter program and would fully recommend it to others. Ross draws upon an extensive career in recruitment and still provides current and engaging content, and application which has really helped my development as a recruiter.

He's completely in touch with the challenges and opportunities that recruiters face on their own desks, aswel as the recruitment industry as a whole. I've seen clear improvements in my behaviours and skill set, and the performance of my own recruitment desk since working with Ross.

Jonjo O'Hara
Recruitment Consultant  
Halcyon Knights, Melbourne

I recently completed Ross' Advanced Recruiter Program, which comprised of six online group webinar sessions for 2 hours each. Having undertaken Ross' Rookie Recruiter webinar program shortly after commencing in the Recruitment Industry, this was something I was looking forward to undertaking from the outset.

I found this program to be extremely beneficial and cannot recommend it highly enough. In particular, I've noticed a significant improvement in my interviewing techniques and a higher rate of placements. It has been a pleasure working with Ross again and I'm extremely thankful.

Michael Facciolo
Recruitment Consultant
JDA Print Recruitment , Melbourne

I recently completed a training course, ARP, conducted by Ross and found his content and delivery to be relevant, engaging, user friendly and hugely beneficial in adding value to my approach and success as a recruiter. 

Ross has a clear passion for high quality recruitment and inspires confidence both at individual and industry level.

I would highly recommend his training courses to anyone wanting to advance their recruitment career.

Oliver Braithwaite
Recruitment Consultant (Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics)  
Blackbook Executive Pty Ltd, Melbourne

I have been absolutely blown away with my results in June 2016. I’ve helped 9 outstanding candidates start with eight clients in the month and 4 long term contractors with another three clients. It has far exceeded my expectations and is my best-ever monthly result in just over 11 years of recruitment.

It’s a DIRECT result of the confidence I have gained and the insights and tips from participating in Ross’s Advanced Recruitment Program (ARP). I can promise similar results to other experienced Recruiters who can actively participate, listen and apply the content of this course. I have a confidence about myself and abilities that I have never had before.

I have throughout my 11 years as a recruiter continually attended training courses, breakfast seminars and online webinars, Ross’s ARP has been the most effective training I have EVER completed.

Michael Higgins
Senior Consultant, SouthTech
Clarius Group, Sydney

As a recent participant in Ross' Advanced Recruiter Program I feel I have gained a number of tools that will take my recruitment career to the next level. Ross provided myself and the group with a number of key insights that have helped to lay a sound platform for success.

He is genuine in his approach and passionate about the industry and I highly recommend the program to those recruiters out there that are ready to challenge the status quo and put themselves on a path to success.

Peter Townsend
Senior Consultant
Retail Therapy Recruitment, Sydney

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