Building a Profitable Desk

Workshop Title:

Building a Profitable Desk

Workshop objective:

To understand what constitutes effective business building and how to build your business effectively from scratch.

Primary target audience:

Both temporary and permanent consultants with up to 18 months experience

Secondary target audience:

Senior Consultants, Team Leaders and General Managers


Picture 1The difference between business building and business processing – how much time you should be spending in each area
Picture 1Identifying your Top 5 high pay-off business building activities
Picture 1How to build your effectiveness quickly in each of these key activities?
Picture 1Quality conversations – what really makes a difference with others?
Picture 1Profit killers – what are they? How do you recognise them? How to avoid them.
Picture 1Key techniques that assist you to stand out from your competitors with your prospects even if you’re a rookie recruiter


4½ hours (including one break)

Previous participant comments:

“Not a dry seminar, no temptation to fall asleep as happens in many seminars. The content was good and the group bouncing ideas off each other was productive”

“The topic was covered in depth. Allowed for interaction and discussion so I could hear people’s opinions”

“Once again, Ross conducted a very relevant and effective session. Ross always has many fantastic examples from his extensive industry experience”

“Great examples with a very simple, easy-to-read information workbook”

“It was really helpful that Ross geared much of the discussion to what the participants wanted to learn”