Owners’ Coaching Group Program

Eligibility: owners of recruitment agencies with fewer than 6 staff, between 2 to 10 years as an agency owner and under $1 million in gross profit.

Program Objectives:

  1. To assist each owner transition from working in their business a majority of their time (as principal consultant/business developer/account manager) to working on their business as owner, leader and manager a majority of their time

  2. To provide a confidential environment in which to discuss important business issues and challenges of particular concern to micro recruitment agency owners

  3. To meet, and get to know, like-minded recruitment agency owners for business insights and potential collaboration

Exclusions: No competing agency owners will be invited or accepted into the program.

Numbers: Each program has a maximum of 8 participants.

Frequency: This program is run once per calendar year for the whole year.

If you are interested in further information about this program please contact me via [email protected] or 0423 557701

Liza Viz

CEO - Beyond Recruitment, New Zealand

"As CEO of one New Zealand's largest recruitment agencies it was important that I engaged with a coach trainer facilitator that would provide training and development to our business because they understood the industry and truly had an appreciation of what it takes to run a high performing recruitment desk and lead a high performing team. I highly recommend Ross." 


Ben Foote

CEO - CareerOne.com.au

"Ross delivered a very strong keynote speech at the CareerOne 2012 conference. Ross is a thought leader and delivered a high impact and engaging address that set the scene for a very valuable day of discussion and strategy planning. Feedback from throughout the company was excellent." 


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