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6 July 2016, ShortList

Does your business lack sales coaching skills?

The most effective recruitment managers employ true sales intervention skills that go beyond traditional coaching, according to industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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18 June 2016, The Entrepreneurial Talent Recruiter Podcast

Ross Clennett discusses how the field of recruiting has changed during his 27 years in the field, and he also pinpoints problems that are facing the industry and how people building recruiting businesses need to wear different masks in order to succeed in the modern world of recruiting.

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22 September 2015, Radio interview, Power 94.9 FM (Loz & Jack)

How to impress your boss in 4 easy steps

If you want to make a good impression with your boss you don't need to put in hundreds of hours overtime. This morning Loz & Jack chatted with Ross Clennett.

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June 2015, The Global Recruiter (pages 23 & 24)

Stop Wasting Time

Ross Clennett, recruitment coach, advises recruiters to keep their focus.

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March 2015, The Global Recruiter (pages 50 - 51)

Skilling Softly

What is the most effective way I can train recruitment consultants in the 'soft skills' required to recruit?

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September 2014, The Global Recruiter

Identity Crisis

Are recruiters doing enough to verify their candidates?

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1 September 2014, ShortList  

Three ways to increase agency productivity and profitability

Improving profitability pre-GFC was all about building revenue, but three savvy recruiters are using new approaches to lift their bottom line, according to industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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14 August 2014, ShortList  

Don't trap big billers with "golden handcuffs": Clennett

Equity can be a good tool for retaining high-performing consultants, but agencies should approach it carefully to avoid trapping big billers with "golden handcuffs", according to industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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3 July 2014, Financial Review

How to make sure you don’t hire a Flanagan

Andrew Flanagan became the poster boy for a growing trend when he hoodwinked a series of recruiters and employers into giving him plum roles.

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17 June 2014, ShortList  

Recruitment industry needs more quality bloggers

The Australian market's distinct lack of recruitment blogging presents an opportunity for agencies to get a step up on their competitors, according to industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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17 February 2014, ShortList  

Performance management failures affecting recruiters' profitability: Clennett

Recruitment leaders must tackle performance management issues head-on with frank conversations, because allowing consultants to "meander on and fail slowly" has a much greater effect on business performance, says industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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March 2014, The Global Recruiter

Training for Success

Ross Clennett's attitude to training in recruitment builds on the idea of the sports coach: "If you look at successful sports people, those guys have coaches because they understand they have to improve their skills all the time -otherwise they don't win consistently. It's the same in the world of work," he says. "In recruitment you have a scoreline - if you get the job you get the fee, if you don't you get zero."

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2 December 2013, ShortList  

Rigorous management key to raising recruitment sector productivity: Clennett

Recruiters who use a database effectively not only source better candidates, but waste less time, and this is one of a raft of productivity issues agency bosses should be looking out for, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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26 November 2013, Financial Review

How headhunters are missing women right under their nose

Recruitment industry commentator Ross Clennett says that most of the headhunters who work at the executive search level are male.

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23 October 2013

Ross Clennett interviews Emma Isaacs, Chief Chick of Business Chicks and Sharon Vandermeer, MD of On the Ball Personnel about entrepreneurship, recruitment, being a working mother among other things.

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24 July 2013, ShortList  

Apply appropriate pressure in a down market: Clennett

Recruitment managers have to strike a balance between motivating and demoralising their staff when they are under pressure in a tight market, says industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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10 May 2013, BRW

Start-up RecruitLoop takes the ouch out of hiring

Recruitment industry expert, Ross Clennett, says the individual elements of RecruitLoop’s offering are not especially unique, but “when you combine them all you do have something that is unique”.

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5 May 2013, microDomination

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Ross Clennett on flourishing in a business-to-business niche

Trevor Young, nominated by Smart Company as one of Australia’s Top 25 Business Bloggers and author of the recently released microDOMINATION: How to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand (John Wiley & Sons, 2013) interviews Ross for his regular podcast about Ross’s path to becoming a ‘micro maven’.

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20 April 2013, Sydney Morning Herald 

Does further study pay?

Sceptical: Ross Clennett questions the benefits of postgraduate study.

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2 April 2013, ShortList  

Poor attendance numbers at industry events disappointing: Clennett

Recruiters are missing out on valuable learning opportunities by failing to attend industry events like the recent RCSA PEARL Consultant Forum, says industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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15 March 2013, ShortList  

Freelance RPO creeping into agencies' traditional SME client base: Clennett

Online freelance recruitment site RecruitLoop has opened up recruitment outsourcing to SME employers – a customer base that had previously been one in which agency recruiters didn't have to compete with RPO, says industry trainer Ross Clennett.

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2 August 2012, The Age  

Job seekers: think like a search engine

Social-media savvy job seekers who can think like a search engine are most likely to succeed in the future world of job hunting, say recruitment experts.

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11 July 2012 

How to avoid declined job offers

Recruitment expert Ross Clennett says that when an offer is on the line or a counter offer is made, a candidate will tend to move from the rational theory of leaving their job ("I want a better package", "I want to change industries") to the emotional reality ("I love the people I work with", "My boss has invested so much in my development").

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21 May 2012, Business Spectator

HR's Strategic 1%

I conducted an interview with Ross Clennett, who is a recruitment industry expert. As a coach and mentor of owners and professionals in the agency recruitment industry, he is uniquely placed to observe human resource trends and how they affect the employer, recruiter and employee ends of the market.

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1 May 2012, Financial Review  

Bad bosses’ secrets exposed

Recruitment trainer and speaker Ross Clennett says Glassdoor in the US has a lot of people talking. “It is an extension of what has already been happening in social media with Twitter and people making comments on Facebook..."

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24 April 2012, ShortList  

Discount demands are a red flag: Clennett

Recruiters who win business by agreeing to clients' requests for fee discounts might find in the end that those clients are not worth having, says industry trainer and expert Ross Clennett.

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1 September 2011, ShortList  

Growth in online sourcing could see mid-market recruiters take aim at executive search territory

Online candidate sourcing techniques are increasingly being used by recruiters at varying levels, a trend that could help mid-level agencies to muscle in on the territory of the traditional executive search firms, says recruitment trainer and expert Ross Clennett.

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June 2011 RCSA Journal 

Publish and educate to build profile, credibility and win new clients

Why do so few recruiters self-publish and demonstrate there knowledge and views about the market? Why do clients call you and not someone else, asks Ross Clennett.

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April/May 2011 Local Government Managers 

What are 'excellent communication skills'?

It has to be one of the most cliched lines in job descriptions and hence recruitment advertising - the request for 'excellent communication skills.'

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24 May 2011 Recruiter Daily 

Handle your clients' "lazy rip-off" database excuses

Recruitment consultants are increasingly facing clients who try to circumvent their terms of business by claiming the candidates submitted are already on their corporate database - and there is no incentive for clients to stop, according to recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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3 May 2011 Recruiter Daily 

Temper your optimism with scepticism - at the right times

Optimism is an essential trait for recruiters, but those who are unfailingly optimistic are setting themselves up to be frustrated, disappointed and ultimately unsuccessful, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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April 2011 Accounting Technician Australia 

How hiring mistakes are made

Still wondering why you didn't get what seemed to be the perfect job for you - or why the person you appointed was a disaster? Ross Clennett provides some clues.

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12 April 2011 Recruiter Daily 

CRM excuses "lame", says Clennett

When recruiters opt to post an ad online before checking their database for candidates they lose the most compelling value proposition they can offer their clients, according to trainer and coach Ross Clennett.

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22 March 2011 Recruiter Daily 

Eight ways to create a temp job "out of nothing"
Temp recruiters who take a pro-active approach to business development have a very big advantage in the market, says recruitment coach and trainer Ross Clennett.

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16 March 2011, SMH 

Buzz comes from helping others achieve
Ross Clennett, a former recruiter and now an expert adviser and trainer for the RCSA, explains why there's a high churn rate.

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February 2011, Recruitment Extra 

The recruiters' guide to the future: nine areas to watch
Predicting the future is an inherently risky and fraught business. For example, who would have predicted that Kevin07 would keep his gig as Australia's PM for less than one parliamentary term?

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28 February 2011, Recruiter Daily 

Win more interviews by addressing objections early
When you can predict and proactively address clients' objections to your candidate, you vastly improve the chance of winning them an interview, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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7 February 2011, Recruiter Daily 

The future of recruitment: Who and where to watch
Recruiters should be paying very close attention to how their "platinum" candidates find jobs, and consider what it means for their current business model, says recruitment trainer and coach, Ross Clennett.

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14 December 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Get out of the recruitment dark ages: Clennett
The New Year is the perfect time for recruiters to overhaul some of their "dark ages" techniques, says trainer and coach, Ross Clennett.
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16 November 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Stop writing uninspiring job ads
Recruitment advertising is an easy skill to learn, but most recruiters pump out content that is "workmanlike, rather than inspired", says trainer Ross Clennett.

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26 October 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Tackle ageism in three steps

The issue of ageism, demonstrated by recruiters and their clients, is the next big challenge for the industry, according to trainer and coach Ross Clennett.

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22 October 2010, PSNews

Confronting Ageism

The issue of ageism is one of the elephants in the room for the recruitment industry.
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6 October 2010, Recruiter Daily 

12 ways to keep top billers engaged

Recruitment managers should never ignore the signs of boredom or flagging motivation in their biggest-billing consultants, warns recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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21 September 2010, ShortList  
Not all top billers want to be leaders, so motivate them in other ways: Clennett
Top billers who are not interested in being promoted into leadership roles become flight risks, says recruitment trainer and industry expert Ross Clennett, and recruitment company managers must stay vigilant in order to prevent these employees getting bored.

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14 September 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Is it time to call your sleepers?

Recruiters shouldn't take it personally if their clients or candidates "cheat" on them, but they should put in place a system to prevent it, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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17 August 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Focus on vertical growth first

Focusing on horizontal growth before vertical carries huge risks, says recruitment coach Ross Clennett.

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27 July 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Tell your client why their job is a low priority

Recruiters should not only prioritise certain jobs over others, but also explain to clients their rationale, says coach and trainer, Ross Clennett.

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2 July 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Blog post: Linear Improvement or Quantum Leap?

The new financial year brings with it a chance to review 'the year that was' and identify your accomplishments and lessons learned, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett, in this blog post. He highlights eight areas you might want to improve.

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27 May 2010, Recruiter Daily 

PSAs aren't the promised land

When a client takes your advice and trusts your judgement, you know the relationship is worth nurturing, says trainer and coach Ross Clennett.

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5 May 2010, Recruiter Daily 

How to recognise a great client

The opportunity costs of winning a PSA ensure that "most of them suck", according to recruitment trainer and commentator Ross Clennett.
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13 April 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Raise your success rate with interview coaching

Many recruitment consultants provide interview coaching only to candidates who really need it, missing opportunities to give others a better chance of being placed, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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March 2010, Recruitment Extra  
Building a Super Profitable Temp Business
For many years the temp desk was regarded as the poor cousin of the perm desk. This belief was founded on the very traditional way the hight-regulated workforce in Australia was operated.
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30 March 2010, ShortList  
Recruiters vehemently opposed to proposed changes to Do Not Call register
Proposed amendments to the Federal Government's "Do Not Call" register, which would place limitations on recruitment companies cold calling potential clients ...

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23 March 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Make better candidate recommendations

A recruiter who recommends a candidate to a client by saying, "I think he will be great" or, "she interviewed really well" has not done their job properly, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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5 March 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Blog post: Getting past 60 seconds: tips for telephone prospecting

The golden flow of jobs that gushed through the doors of recruitment agencies for most of the 2000's, had the impact of loosening the discipline and reducing the skills of telephone prospecting for many agency recruiters.

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11 February 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Use 'the funnel technique' to get more candidates interviewed

'The funnel technique' is a simple way to increase the number of referred candidates that your clients agree to interview, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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19 January 2010, Recruiter Daily 

Sack your profit-killing clients in 2010

The single most effective thing a recruiter can do this year to improve his or her income is to sack "profit-killing" clients, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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3 December 2009, Recruiter Daily 

What are "excellent communication skills"?

When a client asks to see candidates who have "excellent communication skills" the danger always exists that recruiters will put forward people who appear friendly and "nice" in their interview, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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12 November 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Win more retained business

Recruiters who are sick of working for no financial return need to master the skill of winning assignments on a retained basis, says recruitment trainer and coach Ross Clennett.
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22 October 2009, Recruiter Daily 

What recruiters must do to "raise the bar"

The recruitment industry is copping a lot of flak this year about its ethical and professional standards, but now is not the time for recruiters to become defensive, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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13 October 2009, Australian Finanacial Review
Upstarts throw out recruiters' rule book

IT company Atlassian isn't actively anti-recruitment industry, but frankly, it doesn't have much time for it either.

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7 October 2009, ShortList  
Checklist for HR directors on how to choose a recruitment company

Leading recruitment industry advisor Ross Clennett changed hats recently to present a checklist for HR directors on how to assess recruitment companies seeking their business.  In an article in Shortlist's associate publication, HR Daily, which is read by an audience of more than 10,000 HR practitioners, Clennett suggested a nine-point checklist for HR staff to use when reviewing approaches from recruitment companies.


6 October 2009, HR Daily  

How do you select your recruitment partners?

With recruitment consultants currently "jostling" for business, deciding which one to use can be a daunting task for HR, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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25 September 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Blog post: Why recruitment agencies get a bad reputation

In his blog post on 22 September, Ross Clennett wrote: I recently received the following email... click for more


16 September 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Stand out from the crowd of mediocre interviewers

Too often, recruiters don't gather enough critical information during interviews to help them decide whether a candidate is suitable for a job, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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28 August 2009, Savvy (RCSA Webzine)

Interviewing Candidates – Obsolete Or Essential?

With so many efficient assessment tools and psychometric tests available, has interviewing candidates become a waste of time? Well known recruitment trainer and coach, Ross Clennett APRCSA and Dr Gavin Didsbury, Director Psych Press, debate the value of the interview.

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17 August 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Pre-interview preparation provides high value-add

The success of a recruitment interview comes down to how well the recruiter is trained, and how well they prepare beforehand, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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10 August 2009, ShortList  
Recruitment technology is nothing without the right people: Ross Clennett

All the new technology in the world will not replace the critical element of personal contact in the recruitment process, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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27 July 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Constructive feedback is a "no-brainer"

The way you deliver feedback to candidates is as important as what you tell them, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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6 July 2009, Recruiter Daily 

"Australian experience" irrelevant, says Clennett

Recruiters who won't consider applicants that don't have Australian experience are "lazy" or "unskilled" and missing out on an important source of talent, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.

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19 June 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Improve your results without spending a cent

There are five things most recruiters could change about the way they operate to radically improve their results, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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28 May 2009, Recruiter Daily 

Are you communicating, or just talking?

A lot of money rides on the outcome of a recruiter's verbal communication, but this is not traditionally an area that receives much attention, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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19 May 2009, 

Future of Work - National Career Development Week

Yesterday I went to a forum organised by the VETnetwork where recruitment expert Ross Clennett painted a picture of the future.

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7 May 2009, Recruiter Daily   
Recruiters' assessment and selection skills "rusty", says Clennett 
The strong jobs market in recent years means "the rust has gathered" on the core recruitment skill of effectively assessing and selecting candidates, says trainer Ross Clennett.
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28 April 2009, Recruiter Daily   
Don't miss the warning signs from uncommitted candidates
It's even more important now to properly qualify candidates and stay informed about all their job hunting activities, say Bayside Group director Robert Blanche and recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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14 April 2009, Recruiter Daily   
Avoid the major downturn mistakes
Recruiters make mistakes in any market, but six in particular are significantly more costly during a downturn, according to recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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7 April 2009, HR Daily  
Get better results from your recruitment partners
HR professionals often complain of less-than-satisfactory relationships with their recruitment providers, but work is required on both sides to make an effective partnership, says trainer and coach Ross Clennett.
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March 2009, Recruitment Extra  
What Australia's champion cricket coach can teach recruiters
When L&D is not part of the organisational culture, I can guarantee there are many employees inside that business who are complacent, lazy, stagnating, unmotivated, uncommitted or under-performing.
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20 March 2009, Recruiter Daily   
What do you learn from lost jobs?
What's the one metric that all recruiters need to monitor to ensure their success? Your job-filled rate, says recruitment expert Ross Clennett.
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17 March 2009, The Malaysian Insider 
Five jobs with staying power
Your boss or the grim reaper from human resources takes you aside for a quiet chat. Prepared for the worst, your expectations are met. Suddenly all those skills seem to count for nothing.
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11 March 2009, MySmallBusiness (   
Tapping into social networking
Corporate Australia needs to try harder when it comes to tapping into tools such as Twitter, Facebook, forums and LinkedIn, say online experts.
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7 March 2009, SMH MyCareer   
Chase the Big Bucks
There are plenty of jobs out there paying serious moolah - you just have to know which ones.
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23 February 2009, Recruiter Daily   
Are you guilty of database crimes?
Very few recruiters use their candidate database anywhere near to its full potential, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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13 February 2009, ShortList  
Ross Clennett introduces membership site
Recruitment industry trainer Ross Clennett has launched an online network for recruiters.
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29 January 2009, Recruiter Daily   
10 reasons to prioritise immediately available candidates
Immediately available candidates might not always be the very best quality but recruiters should prioritise them over currently employed jobseekers, according to recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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15 December 2008, Destination Talent 
Recruitment Training - Interview with Ross Clennett by Phillip Tusing
Ross sheds some light on the status of the training market, critical skills recruiters lack and the services he provides.

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11 December 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Help your clients conduct effective interviews
One of the most frustrating things about being a recruiter is seeing a client miss out on a good candidate they didn't interview properly, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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21 November 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Which candidates can you market right now?
There are 10 things to look for in determining whether a candidate is worth reverse marketing, says trainer Ross Clennett.
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3 November 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Keep your temp margins and your gross profit healthy
Vigilance in nine specific areas will help ensure you generate the greatest possible returns from your temp desk, according to recruitment trainer and coach, Ross Clennett.
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17 October 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Stop making unwise assumptions about clients and candidates
There are 15 common assumptions recruiters make about clients and candidates that result in wasted time and effort, or lost income, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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29 September 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Agency recruiters must focus on their competitive advantages
Agency consultants must focus on their five main competitive advantages over internal recruiters in order to win the war for talent, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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26 September 2008, ShortList  
Walk away from bullying, cheapskate clients: Ross Clennett
Recruitment companies will preserve their cashflow and their credibility by walking away from bad clients, says recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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24 September 2008, 
What a Journey!
I was surfing the Internet this week and came across a fabulous story that is a perfect metaphor for how much things have changed in the world of recruitment since the rise of the Internet coincided with the global shortage of skills. Unusually, it’s a recruitment story from the work of rock music.
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September 2008, Recruitment Extra (Cover Story)  
Managing Your Business Message
Managing your business message with employees is critical. It's even more important than the business message you deliver to clients and candidates ...
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15 September 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Are you a passive or assertive recruiter?
Passive recruiters watch things happen, while assertive recruiters make things happen, according to trainer Ross Clennett. Here he shows how to become the latter.
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4 September 2008, Recruiter Daily   
New consultants copying "bad habits"
Assembled at the RCSA international conference in Christchurch last week, the panel members agreed that the industry is still not doing enough to train consultants and is stuck in an old training paradigm. Industry trainer Ross Clennett told the conference that too often, "new recruiters sit in on interviews and copy the bad habits of senior people and they go repeating those bad habits".
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29 August 2008, ShortList  
Recruitment industry still failing to develop its staff, say industry trainers
The recruitment industry is failing its staff and damaging its profitability and reputation by not committing adequate funds to training, according to long-term industry educators Ross Clennett and Anthony Sork.
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18 August 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Stop asking ineffective interview questions
Asking candidates ineffective questions in interviews can undo all the hard work you've done up to that point, according to recruitment trainer Ross Clennett.
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25 July 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Probe further into "personality conflict" answers 
Any recruiter who simply accepts "personality conflict" as a candidate's reason for leaving their last job should be counselled and given a written warning, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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12 July 2008, The Age MyCareer   
What questions should I avoid asking in an interview?
Ross Clennett answers questions in the "Any Questions" column of MyCareer.
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07 July 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Make a "quantum leap" in your results this year
A rigorous analysis of your past year's performance is the first step to significantly improving next year's results, according to coach Ross Clennett. Here he provides eight areas to review to help you set new targets.
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5 June 2008, Recruiter Daily   
Four tips to build your credibility with prospective clients
Credibility is crucial to your success as a recruiter, according to trainer and coach Ross Clennett. Here are his four tips for conversations that will help you seem more credible.
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May 2008, Australia Institute of Management (AIM) 
What can Gordon Ramsay teach us about business leadership?
Ramsay may not be the model leader that our parents wished us to be (I wouldn’t advocate the swearing) but he fronts a reality television show that leaves all the others for dead as far as providing lessons in leadership and success in business.
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7 May 2008, Recruiter Daily   
12 way you should stop wasting your time
There are 12 profit-killing things you can stop doing today to make better use of your time and increase your billings, according to recruitment trainer and coach, Ross Clennett.

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1 April 2008, Recruiter Daily    
Do you keep more promises than a politician?
In a recent newsletter, Clennett comments on a UK survey that places recruiters third on the list of untrustworthy professions.
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March 2008, Recruitment Journal  
Strategy & Business
Ross Clennett MRCSA believes successful teams are important to business because they create a culture of success, generate momentum and make it easier to attract new team members.
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17 March 2008, Recruiter Daily  
How thorough are your background checks?
Are you aware of which background checks you can undertake without needing a candidate's express permission? In this article, trainer Ross Clennett outlines some of the checks you should perform.
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March 2008, Australia Institute of Management (AIM) 
Hire Right The First Time
Effective interviewing skills ensure you dramatically increase your chances of identifying the most suitable person for the job - the first time.
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26 February 2008, Recruiter Daily  
Stand firm on your Temp-to-Perm Fees
Do your clients pressure you to heavily discount, or even waive, your temp-to-perm fees?  Recruitment trainer Ross Clennett urges you to resist them and provides nine compelling points to back up your argument.
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12 February 2008, Recruiter Daily  
Identify and eliminate your "Profit Killers" to become a top biller
One of the most significant things a recruitment consultant can do to improve their success is not to work longer and harder, but to identify and act on "profit killers", according to industry trainer and coach, Ross Clennett.
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December 2007, Recruitment Extra  
Recruitment Industry Management Forum
2nd November 2007 - Sydney

Ross Clennett, industry speaker, communication coach and writer, facilitated the event and opened the session with a frank presentation about the future of recruitment and the war for talent, citing innovative talent acquisition campaigns, candidate knowledge and global opportunity as just some of the key areas recruitment businesses should be concentrating on.
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December 2007, Recruitment Journal  
Vic/Tas Consultants' Congress
Industry Coach and trainer, Ross Clennett MRCSA, said the industry will need to consider new business models and adopt an innovative approach to recruiting by adding value to candidates as well as clients.
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23 November 2007, Recruiter Daily  
Stop writing average job ads!
The bulk of recruitments ads are just "average", according to trainer and coach Ross Clennett. In a recent two-part series in his newsletter InSight, Clennett tells how he spent a plane trip assessing 99 job ads appearing in a Friday edition of the Australian Financial Review (AFR), noting that he "would have got more inspiration reading the in-flight safety procedures".
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October 2007, Recruitment Extra  
A High Performance Framework for Recruiters
Do you want to succeed quickly, or slowly? This sounds like an odd question, doesn't it? Yet when we examine our choices with respect to success and failure (at anything) we have the following four choices ...
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30 October 2007, Recruiter Daily  
Talent managers of the future must be four key things
Recruitment consultants must shed their last-century mindset and business models and adopt an innovative, talent-centric approach to recruiting, says industry coach and trainer, Ross Clennett. Speaking at last weeks's RCSA Victorian/Tasmanian region conference in Melbourne, Clennett said ... click for more


29 October 2007, ShortList  
RPO a major threat to traditional recruitment
The growth of RPO is the biggest threat the traditional recruitment industry faces, says specialist recruitment industry trainer Ross Clennett. Speaking at the RCSA Vic/Tas annual conference in Melbourne, Clennett said ... click for more


18 October 2007, Press Release
Recruitment expert, Ross Clennett launches his own specialist recruitment site
Recruitment expert, Ross Clennett, has launched, as a resource for recruitment consultants, managers and owners. The site officially launched on Wednesday 17th October and provides details of his speaking, training and coaching services as well as insight and opinion on the recruitment industry, a free weekly newsletter and access to regular e-books. click for more


12 October 2007, Recruiter Daily 
Do you have a map to guide your recruiting success?
All consultants should have a detailed "map" of how to achieve and measure success in the recruitment industry, according to trainer Ross Clennett. In his new e-book, Succeed quickly or fail slowly - a high performance framework for recruiters, Clennett says that every recruitment company should have a success 'map' for its consultants, but ... click for more


24 July 2007, Recruiter Daily  
Is Temp Recruitment more demanding than Perm?
Clennett maintains that "any type of recruitment is incredibly demanding and skillful and inevitably is a lot more difficult than it looks on the surface", but says the major differences between the two types of recruitment are in six different requirements of the job.
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14 June 2007, Recruiter Daily 
Avoid declined offers and accepted counter offers
If too many of your candidates are declining offers or accepting counter offers, it mightn't just be bad luck. Understanding your candidates' rational and emotional motivators will help you avoid these scenarios, according to trainer Ross Clennett.
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1 June 2007, Recruiter Daily 
Convince your clients they should work exclusively with you
Clients who multi-list their jobs are part of the daily challenge for recruiters, but how often do you give them sound reasons not to do it? Here, recruitment trainer Ross Clennett provides a compelling case for why it's in a client's best interests to opt for exclusivity.
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7 May 2007, ecareer  
The five things I wish I knew when I started in recruitment
There are five things industry trainer Ross Clennett wishes he knew when he started out in recruitment. Here, he shares his experience so you don't have to waste time or make the same mistakes.
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7 May 2007, Recruiter Daily  
The five things I wish I knew when I started in recruitment
There are five things industry trainer Ross Clennett wishes he knew when he started out in recruitment. Here, he shares his experience so you don't have to waste time or make the same mistakes.
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1 May 2007, Recruiter Daily 
Champion recruiters have five core competencies
There are five core competencies possessed by champion recruiters, according to industry trainer Ross Clennett, and all can be learned given the right conditions.
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20 October 2005, Recruitment Extra (Cover Story) 
Motivating Management
Ask any rec2rec firm in Australia what the biggest drivers behind consultants leaving a recruitment organisation are and I’ll bet my house that the word “manager” appears somewhere in the answer.
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July 2005, Recruitment Extra (Cover Story) 
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
(Management techniques that win and lose

Clennett thinks the industry is not good at coaching. "Most successful people have not taken much time to truly analyse what they need to be successful. In their world they just do it, and if people are not doing it, they’re not doing it deliberately. Coaching becomes like criticism."

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