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Lessons in Success: George Calombaris

* This is an updated and edited version of an article originally published in InSight 102 on 7 October, 2009     MasterChef  has returned to our screens for a fifth season and is not having quite the same ratings success as the glory years of 2009 and 2010. My interest certainly waned as soon…

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How will I know (if he has succeeded in the job)?

Back in the (Australian) summer of 1985/86 Whitney Houston released the third single from her self-titled debut album. It was a massive hit, reaching number 2 on the Australian singles chart as well as number 1 on the (US) Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song ‘How Will I Know?’ (and accompanying video) were perfect representations of mid 1980s pop music.…

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More powerful lessons from The Rare Find: Think through the assignment

After writing last week’s article summarising the lessons from George Anders’s fabulous bookThe Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else (Portfolio/Penguin, 2011), I re-read my favourite chapter of the book and I thought the lessons of that chapter were worthy of further analysis in these pages.  I am referring to Chapter 2: The Talent Problem. This is such…

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