Ross Clennett Teleseminar - 14 May 2008


A summary of
The 2008 Australasian Talent Conference -

What can recruiters learn?


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Overview of the content:


With over 300 delegates, 22 speakers, 26 exhibitors and sponsors, the 2nd Australasian Talent Conference held at the Sydney Hilton between 15-16 April 2008, was a feast of cutting edge information and ideas for people in the talent business.


I attended both conference days and met many interesting people.


This value-packed 60 minute teleseminar provides you with all the vital information I took and all the relevant trends and stories I plucked from the Conference that is relevant to recruiters in Australia and New Zealand.


Here’s a little of what you can expect to learn from this teleseminar:



I have added my own opinions and presented all this information through the lens of practical relevance to recruiters TODAY.


Registration for the Australasia Talent Conference was $2,475 plus GST (add to that the cost of flights, accommodation and meals) and it was 2 full days.


This teleseminar is only $99 including GST

You get an information-rich summary of two days in one hour


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