Virtual Tour of the Professional Development Site

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So what's the Professional Development Site about?


It is about professional development for recruiters, by recruiters. It is about keeping you informed of relevant trends in the recruitment and business worlds that impact your business. It is about helping you succeed quickly, not slowly, in an ever-changing competitive world.


This 10 minute virtual tour video, enables you to see previews, extracts and samples of just a small handful of resources and site features, available FREE to members.


I recommend you take the virtual tour first, then have a dip into the samples of resources on our sneak peek page and the membership options.


Enjoy the tour!


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Download to your computer:

Got super fast internet speed? You can download the virtual tour video to you computer and view it in a larger player with higher quality. This is an 82MB file, so please be patient. Depending on your internet connection speed, download can take between 10 to 60 minutes or more. Download is not recommended for dial-up and wireless users.

right-mouse click on the link below and save to a location on your computer.

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