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In a recent survey of InSight readers, the question ‘what do you enjoy most about InSight?’ generated over 100 responses. Here’s a selection:

Provides a weekly recruitment related article that gets me thinking about something in my role. Use it as a tool to continuously review what I am doing.


As a non-recruitment industry person, it keeps me current with ideas that may be affecting business managers more generally. Often the themes transcend the immediate topic.


Finding articles that relate to situations that I feel relevant and having access to recommendations if I wish to use them. Finding out more about what is happening in general in recruitment and getting a feel for the Australia market as a comparison or potential future insight into what is happening in NZ or likely to follow.


No bullshit opinion from a proven recruiter... good flow in the way he writes... often a quick response if prompted for information... relevant info... and has an interest in our sector in my village of NZ.


As a recruiter with 10 plus years experience it takes me back to grass roots good recruiting that one sometimes forgets when running a busy desk. Takes me back to basics. I respect Ross's experience and style of recruitment and his insights sometimes reaffirm how I do things running my own desk. It keeps me up to date with trends in the recruitment market that I may not otherwise have been aware off. Also his recommendations of others blogs etc.


I find it informative, yet witty. Usually the opinions/points contained within InSight either validate my feelings/beliefs about a particular issue or if not give me a different aspect of which to look at things from. Working in a small agency, yet having been in recruitment for in excess of 15 years, every day there is something new to learn and I respect the opinion of Ross Clennett.


The tone of voice - knowledgeable without being preachy.


It is always worth reading. Ross obviously has an attitude that if he is going to write something it has to keep HIS interest for the time it takes to write, so that's good for readers. No BS, no shirking the difficult issues, no patronising less experienced people or slagging us 'old dogs.'


It's to the point very quickly and it is not just opinion based on gut feel but Ross's experiences’ both good and bad. It's based on a solid foundation of intellectual thought, insight and experience.


It's current and topical and not afraid to be a bit controversial.


I enjoy the variety of the topics, I enjoy the fact that you use real life examples and you understand that it's not a one size fits all industry. I also enjoy the fact that you have a love for temporary recruitment, there are not many blogs that give as much advice for temp desks as you do!


Well informed and well written articles from a person with a great recruitment background and experience. If all recruitment companies adopted Ross' recommendations and practices it would go a long way to improving people’s perceptions of our industry and we would all benefit from this.


Current topical commentary on the industry and its issues. Many articles used for training of my staff. It also has a very personal "feel" t it.


I like to hear about what is happening in the industry - what other businesses and recruiters are experiencing. I also like Ross' opinion and comments - they are insightful!


Data-led indicators in respect the industry; analysis of specific competitors; sharemarket analysis of the players within the industry and the industry as a whole.


It's usually a good read across the board and the information is always relevant & timely. I do like it when Ross Recommends veers into the Fiction and Popular Culture realms, I think that sometimes in our industry we can get a little narrow.


Running a micro small business it is a good source of current trends that I no longer have access to through Group Leadership collaboration.


Ross reminds me of some of the basics of recruitment I sometimes forget and often comes up with insights into the market which are helpful.


Well written hits the mark, relevant, clearly written by someone who understand recruitment, useful in development, thought provoking, humorous.


Chatty style. Links to other things that might interest me. I don't work in the recruitment industry per se, but I am professionally interested in employment & recruitment practices as well as info about what employers are looking for so that I can better inform the disadvantaged job seekers I support as well as better frame my career development advice. So I cherry pick snippets and am often able to extrapolate from info about the recruitment industry and apply it to what I do. Sometimes I can even include snippets in my own newsletter - credited of course!


Information from one of the leaders within the industry.


I am in a strategy position in a People and Culture business unit within a large utility organisation which requires me to keep up to date with the latest information and knowledge pertaining to all things people. InSight provides me with a direct link to recruitment trends, measures and practices which has assisted in giving me the knowledge to question and challenge the status quo. Thank you Ross.


I like that it remains focussed on the Recruitment Industry and that the opening address is mostly quite factual with statistics about what's happening. There was one article in particular a while back that really stuck with me and it was about not letting your people fail slowly.


I like readying material that is specific to the industry. It is bite size, so you don't have to spend a long time reading it.


Ross writes lucidly on the recruitment industry and I value his observations. I see the articles as a distillation and overview of matters of relevance to recruitment that I do not get elsewhere. I find I have stopped reading ERE articles because they lack relevance or no longer hold my interest.


The sensible commentary and refreshers/insights that can be provided to my leadership team.


Topics are current and recruiters across all levels can take something from InSight/Blogs

Relevance to what I do.
Articles not too long.
Hearing opinions of market leaders.
Learning about practices of market leaders.


The advice Ross dishes out are a wake-up call for recruiters that even our industry is constantly evolving and one either shape up or eventually get shipped out.


Ross' knowledge of all things recruitment related, and the warm and concise way things are presented.


It is informative, current, and sometimes controversial. However most importantly Ross is not afraid to say it how it is. Which is very refreshing!


The in-depth understanding of the industry demonstrated by Ross - relevant, in-sightful & strategic.


Hearing from one of the great recruiters within Australia.


I like Ross's "no nonsense" style. I first came across him in an RCSA webinar and was very impressed. I pay a lot of attention to what Ross and Greg Savage have to say in their blogs, newsletters. I enjoy the briefness of Insight with the links thru if the article is of interest to me.


Fearless. Energetic. Don't always agree!


The light-hearted way of exposing and discussing real recruitment issues/problems.


The articles are often a good catalyst for reviewing what I/we are doing and whether it can be done better.


I find the content inspiring and motivational. Makes me realise we're all in the same boat as far as the market goes and it gives me motivation. I like to hear updates, experience stories etc, like to know how other people handle situations and I always remind myself to go back to basics, do the steps I need to do.


I have returned to agency recruitment after a 10 year break ( maternity leave and in house recruitment). I find the lead articles extremely helpful in reminding me on how to be a successful consultant.


Reading it with my coffee in the morning and then discussing the articles with my colleagues, there is always something interesting.


Enjoy Ross's insight and passion for recruitment and life generally.


Succinct, strong opinions that are logically and intelligently expressed. Challenges thinking and provides sound reasoning that is useful for my own problem solving, Ross frequently gives another view of a situation. Really useful, strategic industry information.


Its practical its data based and it reflects Ross's professionalism and passion for the industry.


Great summation of areas of interest for our industry. Thought provoking.


Ross's experienced perspective on many things that are new to me - I have only been involved in professional recruitment for 12 months and so his insight (pun intended, sorry, I love 'em) is a refreshing change from hearing the rote opinions that are often espoused.


Hearing about news that I wasn't aware of. Hearing the opinion of someone who was highly successful in their field. Gaining a different perspective to my own. Ideas on how to do things differently.


I always learn something. Love the statistics. It refreshes my thinking to act on skills that might need sharpening.


Ross has a great writing style, it's informative but not patronising.


The different level of thinking to what most recruitment pundits usually use. Ross is usually 'on the money' and is very realistic in his approach. We often find ourselves agreeing with what Ross has to say - sometimes, Ross is actually able to articulate what we have been trying to say ourselves (however unsatisfactorily). Its an extremely good resource.


It opens my mind from the narrow field in which I work and gives me pointers & insights which are allied to what I do and often are really interesting.


Great reminders on lessons learnt. We seem to keep forgetting what we have learnt in the past.


I think that Ross reinforces a lot of forgotten tools in recruiting, I find his new work insightful and motivating.


You and Greg (Savage) save me a heck of a lot of time in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.


Thank you so very much for the many enlightening and informative articles you have written, your insight to the recruitment industry and above all your friendship. I have stated many times over the years to my Team, that I have always felt that you and I were always "on the same page" and the industry is better for your work and your valuable contribution.