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Succeed Quickly or Fail Slowly:
A High Performance Framework for Recruiters


What subscribers say

"Provides a weekly recruitment related article that gets me thinking about something in my role. Use it as a tool to continuously review what I am doing."

"As a recruiter with 10 plus years experience it takes me back to grass roots good recruiting that one sometimes forgets when running a busy desk. Takes me back to basics. I respect Ross's experience and style of recruitment and his insights sometimes reaffirm how I do things running my own desk. It keeps me up to date with trends in the recruitment market that I may not otherwise have been aware off. Also his recommendations of others blogs etc."

"Finding articles that relate to situations that I feel relevant and having access to recommendations if I wish to use them. Finding out more about what is happening in general in recruitment and getting a feel for the Australia market as a comparison or potential future insight into what is happening in NZ or likely to follow."

"I find it informative, yet witty. Usually the opinions/points contained within InSight either validate my feelings/beliefs about a particular issue or if not give me a different aspect of which to look at things from. Working in a small agency, yet having been in recruitment for in excess of 15 years, every day there is something new to learn and I respect the opinion of Ross Clennett."

"As a non-recruitment industry person, it keeps me current with ideas that may be affecting business managers more generally. Often the themes transcend the immediate topic."

"No bullshit opinion from a proven recruiter... good flow in the way he writes... often a quick response if prompted for information... relevant info... and has an interest in our sector in my village of NZ."

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