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Individual  Coaching Program

 This program is for owners and executive leaders and is designed to meet the specific goals of the participant.

Coaching Program Format

The coaching programs are conducted across a period of approximately 6 to 9 months with individual on-site, telephone or off-site coaching sessions of up to 90 minutes duration which are held approximately every fortnight. A minimum commitment of 12 sessions is required for all coaching programs

If you are interested in finding out more about an individual coaching program please complete this brief questionnaire and I will be in touch with you directly.

Ross has provided recruitment consulting and leadership courses for both myself and my team at Kennedy Reid over the past 4 years. We now use Ross' services exclusively for our external recruitment training requirements because he is simply the best supplier in that space. Ross cares about recruitment and recruiters. He is driven by doing the right thing, is strong enough to push back, which is appreciated, and will challenge me and my team in order to get the most out of us.

This is helping us immensely in becoming the very best recruitment firm we can possibly be. In addition to all of this, Ross is a great guy with a kind heart and interesting views on a wide range of issues. We are proud of our association with Ross and his business.

Stuart Freeman

Managing Director

Kennedy Reid Pty Ltd, Sydney

I recently completed a 12 month Leadership Coaching Course with Ross. It was delivered one on one and involved a high level of commitment from both parties to achieve the results we set out.
I cannot speak highly enough about Ross and his coaching style. He has assisted my business in adopting a high performance strategy that I did not believe possible six months ago. Further to this, Ross went above and beyond to provide guidance and expertise in additional areas of the business as situations arose. 

I highly recommend Ross and his leadership training. He challenges you and makes you accountable and I am delighted with the results.

Paul Murphy

Managing Director

Stratacon Professional Recruitment, Melbourne

I have recently completed Ross Clennett's individual coaching program - what a learning experience! Initially I identified many tangible goals - being a very outcome oriented recruiter this was natural to me. Throughout the course I found that I learnt a great deal about myself, my personality and traits, and also my areas for improvement. One of the biggest outcomes of the course for me was learning to change my own thought pattern and having a wider view on management, training and development. 

As a result of this course I can say that I am not only a better manager (team has doubled during the 1 year program) but I am a better person, more considered and thoughtful to others personality types and backgrounds. 

Ross lived his training throughout the program - he demonstrated a large amount of the techniques that he teaches, one of which was seek to understand before being understood.

Ross took the time to get to know me, my point of view before trying to teach me - he is a true professional, a great guy with a wealth of knowledge. I am reluctant for my competition to have access to the same experience however I cannot recommend Ross highly enough to those looking to improve in the recruitment industry. 

Thanks again Ross!

Steven Langerak


Consult Recruitment, Auckland, NZ

I have just completed a 12 month coaching stint with Ross and couldn't recommend the experience of working with him highly enough! If you want to deal with someone who is an absolute expert in their field, has the ability to communicate their expertise effectively and always be 100% honest & upfront with you Ross is your man. Be prepared to be challenged & think about yourself and your business in a new light.

Suzanne Sheil

Managing Director

Eastside Personnel, Sydney

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