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10 September 2019

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4 November 2019

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Interview with 2019 RCSA (NZ) Recruitment Leader of the Year: Angela Cameron of Consult

Two weeks’ ago, the RCSA announced the winners of the New Zealand industry awards. The winner of the Recruitment Leader of the Year was Consult’s Angela Cameron.  After completing her undergraduate degree at Victoria University in Wellington in the late 1990s, Angela commenced her professional career as an auditor at Big 4 professional services firm;…
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Australia’s worst directors culpable as Rubicor collapses

One of the most unsurprising events of 2019 occurred on Monday: Rubicor’s directors finally called in administrators (FTI Consulting) to take charge of the company they had gradually destroyed over the past four years. Yes, in layman’s terms Rubicor finally ran out of money and have gone broke. Rubicor’s auditors, Pitcher Partners, unambiguously flagged the…
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The permanent long weekend (on full pay): recruiters lead the charge

I read between fifty and a hundred articles each week, every week of the year. I am a voracious consumer of content on recruitment, employment, productivity, high performance and leadership. It takes a something pretty special to impact me significantly. A year ago, this week, I read such an article. It struck me right between…
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Interview with 2019 RCSA Recruiter of the Year: Seamus Scanlon of Davidson

One of the most competitive gongs in the local recruitment industry is the coveted RCSA Recruitment Professional of the Year. This year the winner was Seamus Scanlon from Davidson. Three years ago Seamus joined Davidson after spending the previous five years recruiting construction project managers in two different agencies. Within two years he was recruiting…
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All great recruiting questions must be BACON

The 2019 Australasian Talent Conference was another excellent mix of speakers, vendors and networking. Xref CEO and Co-founder, Lee-Martin Seymour’s session on the second day; The Art of Asking Great Questions provided an example of what all excellent conference presentations contain: brevity, humour, credibility, stories, value and a memorable model, acronym or concept. Xref’s ten…
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Randstad and Adelaide boutique sweep HRD Recruiter of the Year awards

Underwood Executive (L to R):  Vanessa Jones, Nikki Hentschke, Nicole Underwood, Eloise Nicholson.   HR Director magazine has announced its winners of their 2019 Australian Recruiter of the Year awards. The winners are decided by respondents (internal recruiters and relevant HR professionals) nominating the best recruitment agency, from their dealings with external recruiters over the…
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We're relying on a government that spurns economic advice @1RossGittins @theage column could also be titled "Be very afraid when politics continually over-rides the evidence about what drives effective economic policy"

When It Comes to Offers, One Size Does Not Fit All via @ERE_net . This is increasingly going to be the case. Organisations would do wise to be ahead of the curve on this trend.

One of the Democratic candidates for POTUS @ewarren sets out her position on gig economy workers

‘Sorry, they are already on our database’: The lazy corporate rip-off I wrote this blog more than 8 years ago and it continues to generate high view numbers every month. Clearly it's a problem that's not going away.

Hudson Global reported second-quarter revenue rose 59.7% with strong revenue growth (but a GP fall in its Asia-Pacific operations. why would you want to have a large increase in revenue that actually drives GP in the opposite direction? Madness.

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