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Ross Clennett is a high performance recruitment coach committed to raising the ethics and performance of the recruitment industry.

Ross delivers specialist public and internal programs for owners, leaders, and recruitment consultants.

"I attended Ross' LCHP course this year and I find myself reverting back to the tips and tools I picked up on a regular basis. "

Ian Scott - Manager Technologies, Randstad New Zealand

"Ross is a trusted advisor, a wealth of knowledge
about the "right way" for recruitment "

Chris Gander - Director of Recruiting, xCalibre Ignite

"Innovative, insightful, inspirational. Ross' newsletters are a think tank of recruitment ideas. I never miss an issue."

Andrew Rodger - National Talent Manager, Peoplebank Australia

Rookie Recruiter
Training Program

Agency recruiters in their first
year of recruitment

Next program commences
28 May 2024

Recruiter Program

Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
recruitment experience

Next program commences
29 August 2024

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

Next program commences
26 June 2024

Coaching Program

Tailored programs designed for
owners and leaders

Owners' Coaching
Group Program

A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

Stephenson retakes control of Collar but history is not on his side

On Tuesday, creditors voted to return control of Collar Group to its founder, Ephram Stephenson, having approved his Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) in which current and former employees will eventually receive their full entitlements as long as the company continues to operate. Formal control will revert to Stephenson once the administrators have completed the…
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Collar creditors stuck between a rock and a hard place

Collar Group’s administrators have submitted two reports (29 May and 24 June) to creditors and held an initial meeting with them (7 June). Earlier this week Collar’s founder, Ephram Stephenson, submitted a bid to regain control of the company, which the administrators recommend being accepted. Here are the key facts (based on the minutes of…
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Goodbye, Rebel

I have every reason to feel good right now. The past couple of months have been highly productive with a surge of new business and a range of speaking opportunities arriving in my inbox. I have still had time to play golf regularly, and my game is at its most consistent since I was a…
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It’s easy posting online – how about doing the work?

A lot has been posted online about Collar Group’s slide into voluntary administration. Some of it measured, some of it accusatory, some of it nasty and some of it rather hypocritical. An example of the last type of comment arrived in my LinkedIn messages recently. The recruitment agency owner who messaged me included a screenshot…
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How my father’s aversion to risk helped me succeed as a recruiter

My father, who died in 2015, was a cautious and conservative man (although not politically). His job, for 36 years was a tax auditor with the Australian Tax Office – he investigated companies to assess their compliance with tax law. It wasn’t a glamourous job and my father didn’t seem to enjoy it much but…
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Collar’s future in the balance with founder under fire

One of Australia’s highest-profile large recruitment agencies, Collar Group entered voluntary administration on Monday, with the stated intention of cutting headcount by 20%, restructuring and coming out of voluntary administration within six weeks. Based on the more than 100 comments on the LinkedIn post it appears senior management found out about the decision at the…
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