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Agency recruiters in their first
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28 May 2019

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Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
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7 March 2019

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Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

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11 June 2019

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Tailored programs designed for
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A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

SEEK price rises: you ain’t seen nothing yet

SEEK is a massive player in the local recruitment industry. Their dominance of the job board market in Australia is such that local job boards such as CareerOne/Monster, MyCareer and JobsJobsJobs are no longer competitors of any relevance. SEEK are now facing a different, and altogether more powerful, threat from global companies; Indeed (owned by…
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Resilience: we need less of it, not more

One day in 1998 (when I still had a full head of hair) as I was waiting for a haircut I picked up one of those glossy magazines that are a feature of hairdressing salons the world over. Although the specifics escape me, being an Oxford Street salon it was more Vogue than New Idea.…
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Three years on: Interview with RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron

Ross: Thanks for accepting the invitation to discuss the past three years as CEO of the RCSA, Charles. Congratulations on making it this far; how are you enjoying the combined challenges of Australia’s political turmoil, a recruitment industry boom and a rec tech explosion? Charles: Hey Ross, thanks for the invitation to share my thoughts…
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Please donate to my 2019 Mother’s Day Classic fundraising campaign

On 18 January 2012 my sister, Mary, passed away three and a half years after her terminal breast cancer diagnosis. She was one month past her 44th birthday. Her husband, Sam, her son Ned (then 5) and her daughter Lola (then 3) were left devastated, as were all of us who loved Mary, whether as…
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Out-of-touch Bassat botches Narev announcement

Although I have been in the recruitment industry for just over thirty years there’s always another surprise around the corner. This week Seek Limited announced the appointment of disgraced former Commonwealth Bank (CBA) CEO, Ian Narev, to the dual role of Chief Operating Offer and Asia Pacific & Americas (AP & A) CEO. The timing…
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The #1 mistake small recruitment agency owners make (and how to avoid it)

I’ve had many conversations with recruitment agency owners about the experienced recruiter they hired, who seemed great on paper but turned out to be a complete dud. This is a painful occurrence for any recruitment agency owner but it’s especially so for a micro recruitment agency owner (a business with five, or fewer, employees). This…
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5 things I learned as a Graduate at @Green_Dot @_biancaling shares her valuable insights from her first 12 months of a two year graduate program within the Marketing, Communications, and Business Development (MCBD) team.

Strategies For Tackling One Of The USA's Toughest Talent Shortages via @Forbes

A bushwalker who died on a popular Tasmanian track in the middle of winter "tragically brought about his own demise by a series of poor decisions", a coroner has found after walking alone for six days without a beanie or gloves in freezing, snowy weather.

Employment rate for Japan's college graduates close to record high at 97.6% amid labor shortage. By prefecture, the rate was highest in Fukui, standing at 99.9 percent, and lowest in Okinawa, at 92.9 percent. via @japantimes

USA: Vermont posted the lowest jobless rate among all states in April at 2.2%, the @BLS_gov announced today. Alaska had the highest unemployment rate in April at 6.5%. @SIADailyNews

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