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Ross Clennett is a high performance recruitment coach providing
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"I attended Ross' LCHP course this year and I find myself reverting back to the tips and tools I picked up on a regular basis. "

Ian Scott - Manager Technologies, Randstad New Zealand

"Ross is a trusted advisor, a wealth of knowledge
about the "right way" for recruitment "

Chris Gander - Director of Recruiting, xCalibre Ignite

"Innovative, insightful, inspirational. Ross' newsletters are a think tank of recruitment ideas. I never miss an issue."

Andrew Rodger - National Talent Manager, Peoplebank Australia

Rookie Recruiter
Training Program

Agency recruiters in their first
year of recruitment

Next program commences
8 June 2021

Recruiter Program

Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
recruitment experience

Next program commences
12 August 2021

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

Next program commences
11 June 2021

Coaching Program

Tailored programs designed for
owners and leaders

Owners' Coaching
Group Program

A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

The boom is back (part 3): latest data confirms full steam ahead

National business and economic activity data released in the past week confirm the ongoing strength of the 2021 economic recovery. To save you the hassle of combing through the ABS’s national accounts data and the May update on the Labour Market Information Portal I have cherry-picked the most relevant data and graphs for recruiters and…
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What being an ars*h*le taught me about fairness

Twenty-one years ago I received the most significant promotion of my career. I was elevated from the role of GM, Adelaide (1 business unit, five staff) to GM, Sydney (4 business units, 30 staff). The company was going through a significant transition after Greg Savage’s departure the previous year and, after expecting to be in…
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Humour: the underrated glue of office culture

Last Friday night my wife and I went to the Palais Theatre in St Kilda to see comedian Urzila Carlson’s show; Token African. We, along with nearly three thousand other patrons, laughed non-stop at Carlson’s 80 minute stand-up routine. After the show, it occurred to me that one of the things that I missed most…
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Book review: Get the job you really want by Erin Devlin

Recruitment-specific books by local authors have always been thin on the ground. Geoff Morgan and Andrew Bank’s Flourish and Prosper, Greg Savage’s The Savage Truth and Mandy Johnson’s Winning The War for Talent are the three I know. All three are excellent and I highly recommend each of them. Equivalent books for job-seekers, written by local authors, have been equally…
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Headline employment data hides jobseeker struggle in many areas

The contradictory messages being heard around the job market make for a confusing time for both jobseekers and employers. Last month both vacancies and job ads reached record highs in Australia. Discouraged jobseekers have returned with the labour force participation rate also reaching a record high last month. The number of unemployed jobseekers per vacancy…
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Are you built for speed?

Last century I often heard the business strategist mantra of “Quality; speed; price: Pick two.” The general reasoning being that it was nigh on impossible for a business to be profitable delivering a high quality product, quickly and at a low price. In the new century internet entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Tony…
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I would rather take a pay cut than go back to the office full time. I do not barter with my happiness. And I’m not alone. by @StelaGineva @Medium

US staffing companies employed an average of 2.7 million temporary and contract workers per week in the first quarter of 2021, down approximately 3.6%, or about 100,000 jobs, from the fourth quarter of 2020 @SIADailyNews

According to @TechServe_Assoc the number of tech employees in the US rose by 0.22%, or 5.35 million jobs in May. Year over year, the number of tech jobs were up 2.64% or by 137,700. @SIADailyNews

The five-day office week could become the norm again within two years, the @CentreforCities think tank has told the @BBCNews

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