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Interview with 2017 SARA (Aus) Recruitment Leader of the Year: Claire Woodhouse of Fircroft

In mid-November last year, SEEK announced the winners of the Australian SARAs for 2017. The winner of the Recruitment Leader of the Year for “demonstrating an excellent ability to foster relationships, solve problems, communicate effectively, and adapt to change” was Fircroft’s, Claire Woodhouse. After completing her undergraduate degree at Lancaster University (UK) in 2002, Claire…
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Rubicor releases laughable FY2018 update

It appears that the Rubicor Board have submitted an early entry for biggest laugh of March; a tall order considering the Melbourne International Comedy Festival kicks off this week. Last week’s blog on Rubicor is now my most-viewed blog this year and I wasn’t planning to write another blog on Rubicor this week, however last…
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Rubicor joins Clarius on the slide to irrelevance

As regular readers know, I take a particular interest in the performance of the publicly listed recruitment agencies. Last week, ASX-listed Rubicor Limited announced their results for the six month period ending 31 December 2017. The results were underwhelming, to say the least. Revenue dropped from $104.9 million (excluding abnormal items) to $93.2 million. Underlying…
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Avoid hiring turkeys, even if you don’t recruit a single eagle

What do Greg Savage, John Plummer and Geoff Morgan have in common? Not only are they each a member of a very influential group of recruitment industry leaders, they are also introverts. Introverts in recruitment are in the minority. The stereotypical image of an agency recruiter is an agreeable extrovert; showing up in interactions with…
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Meaningful work: The importance of reflection

Recruitment is not hard physical work but it is hard emotional work. The memories of my first few months at Accountancy Personnel (now Hays) in London, as I learned the job and attempted to make enough placements in order to keep my job, are seared into my memory, never to be erased. It would be…
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Recruiters only fill 15% of Australia’s jobs – there’s another 85% available!

A couple of years ago the Federal Government commissioned professional services firm, KPMG to examine and report on the differences in practices between the Australian commercial recruitment sector and the government-funded recruitment sector (jobactive) to see what can be learned. The report, The Australian Recruitment Industry: A comparison of service delivery, was provided to the…
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UK: @JaguarUK and @LandRover_UK confirm approximately 1,000 agency staff at its Lode Lane plant in Solihull will not have their contracts renewed via @SIADailyNews

The fact that I am a @sydneyswans member who was at the @MCG for the 2016 GF and I still bought this book tells you everything you need to know about the respect I have for @Martin_Flanagan ‘s writing

Congratulations to all the Award winners. As one of the judges I can confirm that the standard of entries was very high.

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