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Ross Clennett is a high performance recruitment coach committed to raising the ethics and performance of the recruitment industry.

Ross delivers specialist public and internal programs for owners, leaders, and recruitment consultants.

"I attended Ross' LCHP course this year and I find myself reverting back to the tips and tools I picked up on a regular basis. "

Ian Scott - Manager Technologies, Randstad New Zealand

"Ross is a trusted advisor, a wealth of knowledge
about the "right way" for recruitment "

Chris Gander - Director of Recruiting, xCalibre Ignite

"Innovative, insightful, inspirational. Ross' newsletters are a think tank of recruitment ideas. I never miss an issue."

Andrew Rodger - National Talent Manager, Peoplebank Australia

Rookie Recruiter
Training Program

Agency recruiters in their first
year of recruitment

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21 February 2023

Recruiter Program

Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
recruitment experience

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30 March 2023

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

Next program commences
20 March 2023

Coaching Program

Tailored programs designed for
owners and leaders

Owners' Coaching
Group Program

A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

Ignite shareholders stare at more bleak numbers (with little change in sight)

Last week’s Ignite AGM went down a well-worn path with a third failed attempt by activist shareholder Octavium Capital Investment (OCI) to have their nominated directors (Daniel Altiok-Brown and Trevor Robertson) voted onto the board. OCI remains unconvinced that Ignite CEO, Tim Moran can, 18 months into his 3-year strategic plan, deliver net profits in…
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The Myer conman is back and 8 years later he’s a pretend teacher

Long-time readers may recall the very prominent case of resume fraud from 2014 that featured retailer Myer firing a just-hired senior executive Andrew Flanagan (pictured, right) after he was exposed as lying about his previous employment to both the recruitment agency that represented him, and to Myer. It’s not that hard to believe that a…
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Innovative employer proves labour shortage is a myth

Barry Iddles (second left), owner of Queenscliff restaurant 360Q, with staff members Susie Burston, Ken Ferrier (front) and Kenton Savage. CREDIT: The Age   The Australian labour market does not suffer from a shortage of workers; far from it. Australia’s labour force participation rate is 66.6%, compared to our Kiwi cousin’s 71.7%. The vast difference…
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Remote work reaches a fork in the road

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was followed by his first email to employees banning remote work unless they have a specific exception (managers will send the exception lists to Musk for his personal review and approval) and setting out the expectation that staff will be in the office for at least 40 hours per week.…
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Innovation is overrated

Innovation is important. Innovation is necessary. Without innovation, a company is almost certainly doomed to compete primarily on price. However, innovation is also overrated. Innovation is overrated because many companies, in my experience, aren’t even getting the basics right. Qantas is a classic case in point. Yesterday, the announcement of the annual Choice Shonky Awards…
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The hidden truth of how Andrew Banks became a million dollar biller

Yesterday Andrew Banks gave me an insight about interviewing that had never occurred to me, yet it was obviously correct the moment he uttered it. In the Confessions of a Recruiter podcast, co-hosted by recruitment agency owners Blake Thompson, and Declan Kluver, Banks shared; “The best thing ever out of an interview is that you…
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Perth sushi cafe operators slugged $193,000 for falsifying wage documents and presenting them to @fairwork_gov_au inspectors @SmartCompany article shows why complaints from the hospitality sector re 'worker shortages' don't elicit much public sympathy

Changes to partner work visas in New Zealand that were set to come into effect in December 2022 have been deferred to April 2023, the country’s Immigration Minister Michael Wood announced yesterday. @SIADailyNews

Total nonfarm employment in the United States rose in November by 263,000 jobs. Monthly job growth has averaged 392,000 thus far in 2022, compared with 562,000 per month in 2021. @SIADailyNews @BLS_gov

On average, Bangladesh sent 93,000 workers abroad per month in 2022, and the number was around 60,000-70,000 in the pre-Covid period. @SIADailyNews

British women are more likely than men to be in flexible working arrangements that mean they lose hours and pay, according to an analysis of @ONS figures by the Trades Union Congress. @SIADailyNews

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