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11 September 2018

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22 August 2018

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10 September 2018

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Michael Page results: Two years on from their infamous ski trip

If 1992 was Queen Elizabeth II’s annus horribilis then 2016 was surely PageGroup Australia’s equivalent. The genesis of PageGroup’s (PG, although still best known as ‘Michael Page’) year from hell occurred in September 2015 when long-time PG employee, Simon Meyer signed off as PG Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, four years after taking…
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A real leader knows when to sacrifice a limb to save a life

On Saturday afternoon I watched by youngest son play Under 11s soccer. He plays for his local club in the top grade for his year group. The team is coached by a jovial and committed dad who knows his soccer and drills the team in how he wants them to play – as a quick…
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Group email sprays are from Mars, real toughness is from Venus*

The Australian recruitment industry gained some unexpected worldwide publicity late last month with the social media frenzy over an email sent by Mars Recruitment owner and MD, Marcus Wood, to his Sydney employees two Friday’s ago. The email, subject line reading Friday observation, was: Morning guys, Quick observation that is really getting on my tits.…
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A.I. will change agency recruitment but in an unexpected way

The Australasian Talent Conference, held in Sydney last month, was another fascinating and stimulating couple of days. I immersed myself in conversations about talent with a wide range of people across the worlds of agency recruitment, corporate recruitment and recruitment technology vendors. The theme of the conference was Thriving with A.I. and having read a…
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The benefits of failure: Easy in theory but hard to admit and talk about

Earlier this month I received a professional request that was a first. The request was from a former recruitment industry MD. His specific request was that I remove two of my blogs that contained extensive commentary about a company that he was the MD of (at the time of writing the blogs in question). I…
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Same Named People in the Australian Recruitment Industry Awards

After you have been around the recruitment industry as long as I have (29 years and three months thanks for asking) you come across lots of recruiters. And what you probably aren’t surprised to know is that it’s not uncommon for recruiters to share the same name. Although we are coming up to a very…
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It’s still a jobs story, not a wages story - @Green_Dot provides a summary of the story so far in Australia from the 2018 @ABSStats labour market releases

The five largest industrial staffing providers in the US are:
1. @EmployBridge : $2.60 billion, 8% market share
2. @ExpressPros : $2.59 b, 8% ms
3. @TBStaffing $2.26 b, 7% ms
4. @Aerotek: $2.07 b, 6% ms
5. @Randstad : $1.87 b, 6% ms via @SIADailyNews

79% of Australian employers across the healthcare, social care and education service industries are open to hiring people with disability, however, only 58% of businesses are currently doing so

USA: Manufacturers Have A Recruitment Problem, So Why Aren't They Hiring More Women? Women represent 51.4 percent of adults in the USA, yet they hold only 7% of middle-skilled manufacturing jobs. via @Forbes

My Advanced Recruiter Program, for agency recruiters in the $250k-$450k pa. billing range starts again next week - 6*2 hr webinars + 1 individual session, across 3 mths. All details >

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