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Rubicor: the incompetence and delusion continues

As hard as it is to believe, things have deteriorated further at Rubicor since I last commented on their performance in late February. On 1 March Rubicor were one of only eleven public companies (out of approximately 2200 listed on the ASX) to have trading in their shares suspended by the ASX for failing to…
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p2p’s Mark Smith: from failed accountant to outstanding CEO

I first met Mark Smith in 1994. I was a consultant in the Temporary Solutions Sydney temp accounting team and Mark has been hired to work on the North Sydney accounting temp desk which was situated in the same office, at Level 12, 275 George Street. Mark had given up his going-nowhere career at Deloitte…
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Arrogant employers inflict more self-harm

Why do generally law-abiding citizens do illegal, stupid and risky things? It’s a question that continues to reverberate inside my head as a watch episodes of National Geographic’s latest reality offering; Airport Security Peru. In each week’s episode another two or three drug mules are caught attempting to smuggle cocaine through Jorge Chavez International Airport…
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Discriminatory, hypocritical and narcissistic employers their own worst enemy

It doesn’t take too long before you see yet another article quoting an employer or employer group documenting or lamenting the dearth of skilled or motivated job seekers. The culprits for such a sorry state of affairs are invariably one, or a combination of; the inadequate education and training system, the unrealistic expectations of job…
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SEEK price rises: you ain’t seen nothing yet

SEEK is a massive player in the local recruitment industry. Their dominance of the job board market in Australia is such that local job boards such as CareerOne/Monster, MyCareer and JobsJobsJobs are no longer competitors of any relevance. SEEK are now facing a different, and altogether more powerful, threat from global companies; Indeed (owned by…
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Resilience: we need less of it, not more

One day in 1998 (when I still had a full head of hair) as I was waiting for a haircut I picked up one of those glossy magazines that are a feature of hairdressing salons the world over. Although the specifics escape me, being an Oxford Street salon it was more Vogue than New Idea.…
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The Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain announced that it has reached a historic pay deal with @NHSuk contractor The Doctors Laboratory that will see its self-employed workers move from being paid per delivery to being paid per hour.

UK recruitment roundtable: “Everyone is getting over-excited (about AI) and thinking about it as a shiny new toy rather than thinking, ‘what do we need it for?’ and ‘what will it replace or improve what they already have?’.” via @globaleditor

Step Outside Your Bubble via @wattsnexthr . Excellent blog about professional development from @wattsnextBen #SHRM2019

Shocking photo shows Caribbean Sea being 'choked to death by human waste'

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