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Agency recruiters in their first
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13 October 2020

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Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
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7 October 2020

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Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

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9 September 2020

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Tailored programs designed for
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Interview with RCSA 2020 Recruitment Leader of the Year (Aus): Jason Elias

                        Jason Elias, FRCSA is a shining example of how attracting high calibre young talent into our industry pays big dividends for the long term health of the recruitment sector. As a high achiever at school in Sydney, Jason completed a BA and a…
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Federal Government sets the clock ticking on assessment of core competencies

A crisis provides opportunity, if you’re looking for it. I’m revisiting a suggestion from three years ago that been given new life by a very helpful release from the recently constituted National Skills Commission (NSC) who, this week, released their first publication, A snapshot in time: Australia’s Labour Market and COVID-19 (“the report”)’ As the…
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Construction labour hire compliance scores an F from ABCC audit

The Australian Building and Construction Commission recently released its Labour Hire; Campaign Report (June 2020). ABCC inspectors carried out compliance audits on 63 labour hire employers across the building and construction sector. These employers were located throughout Australia (16 in Qld, 15 in NSW, 10 in WA, 9 in Vic, 7 in SA, 3 in…
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Federal Government recruitment spend: Hays no surprise; HorizonOne big surprise

Hays Australia has long been the largest recruitment agency in Australia, by any measure you wish to use. Their performance in converting gross profit into operating profit, and then into cash, is outstanding, not just locally but globally. Hays publishes some local fees-by-specialism data but without knowing the size of aggregate agency spend within that…
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Recruiters shafted as hypocritical Victorian Government embarrasses itself with Sidekicker contract

Proving that, yet again, when it comes to a government decision between its mates and playing fair with the rest of the market you can always put your money on the mates winning out. Last week I wrote about the LNP Federal Government looking after its monied mates at the top end of town who…
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Recruiters get stiffed as the Government embarrasses itself with Mable contract

When the pressure is on, and lots of money is at stake, you get to see the true values that underpin an organisation. Mark Zuckerberg has been on the receiving end of employee anger this week. Many inside Facebook have staged a protest or resigned in response to their Chief Executive’s very public hands-off approach…
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Employment in Canada rose by 952,900 jobs in June compared to May to a total of nearly 17.5 million jobs. Employment decreased by 3 million from February to April , then there was an increase of about 290,000 jobs in May. @StatCan_eng @SIADailyNews

The Real Reasons Why Job Seekers Are Not Given Feedback. In the past, it was standard protocol to provide feedback and constructive criticism to candidates. In the current job market, feedback is offered sparingly — if at all. viA @Medium @Forbes

The Ultimate Checklist for Anyone Considering a Career Switch
What to consider before making the transition, during your job hunt, and after landing a new role via @Medium

10 Really Small Things That Tell You A lot About Someone’s Personality
Little tells that tell you a lot by @Ayotheauthor via @Medium

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed (tech) CVs, so I thought that noting down my immediate reactions as I went through the CVs might help anyone having to circulate their own CV at the moment. by @youknowfordevs via @HungLee 's #RecruitingBrainfood

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