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Agency recruiters in their first
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18 September 2018

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Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
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7 March 2019

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

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12 November 2018

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Tailored programs designed for
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Owners' Coaching
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A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

Vale Kristen Florance (20 June 1965 – 3 October 2018)

  The death of my sister, Mary, from breast cancer nearly 7 years ago, was the shocking event that opened my eyes to the reality that cancer, in all its many forms, was a heartbreak that many families have to face. Like Mary, many people die from cancer at an age when they should still…
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Interview with 2018 RCSA (Aus) Recruitment Professional of the Year: Jane Lowney of Robert Walters

In June, the RCSA announced the winners of the Australian RCSA awards for 2018. The winner of the award for Recruitment Professional of the Year was Head of Engineering & Infrastructure at Robert Walters (Australia); Jane Lowney. Originally from Clonakilty, a small town on the south coast of Ireland, Jane studied Civil Engineering between 2005 and 2010 and always…
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The aftermath of the FutureYou series

This week marks the 11th anniversary of the very first issue of InSight. In that time I have published over 500 blogs. Only a small number of these blogs have generated a strong reader reaction. However, there is no parallel with the response I have received as the FutureYou series of blogs (now posted as…
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Big bang start-ups: The rise and fall of FutureYou (parts 1, 2 & 3)  

Building a recruitment agency into a profitable, sustainable business is tough work that, typically, takes many years. It almost always starts with a founder, (sometimes two or three co-founders) who, after a number of successful years with a leading agency, departs to hang out their own shingle. Most of these agencies start small and grow…
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Michael Page results: Two years on from their infamous ski trip

If 1992 was Queen Elizabeth II’s annus horribilis then 2016 was surely PageGroup Australia’s equivalent. The genesis of PageGroup’s (PG, although still best known as ‘Michael Page’) year from hell occurred in September 2015 when long-time PG employee, Simon Meyer signed off as PG Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, four years after taking…
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A real leader knows when to sacrifice a limb to save a life

On Saturday afternoon I watched by youngest son play Under 11s soccer. He plays for his local club in the top grade for his year group. The team is coached by a jovial and committed dad who knows his soccer and drills the team in how he wants them to play – as a quick…
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Hong Kong’s artificial islands could create 340,000 jobs via @HRM_Asia

The Top 8 Speedbumps That Unnecessarily Delay Hiring Decisions teh always excellent @DrJohnSullivan on @ERE_net . Fix this and a decent chunk of the 'talent shortage' problem is fixed as well.

65 organizations will be honoured at the North American Candidate Experience Symposium and Awards Gala tonight, including @SouthwestAir @nyphospital @LockheedMartin @JetBlue via @nypost

UK: Recruitment agencies have received a 40 per cent cut of a £1.8 million @NHSuk campaign budget to attract overseas nurses to Northern Ireland during an unprecedented staffing crisis. via @irish_news

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