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Ross Clennett is a high performance recruitment coach providing
specialist programs for owners, leaders and consultants

"I attended Ross' LCHP course this year and I find myself reverting back to the tips and tools I picked up on a regular basis. "

Ian Scott - Manager Technologies, Randstad New Zealand

"Ross is a trusted advisor, a wealth of knowledge
about the "right way" for recruitment "

Chris Gander - Director of Recruiting, xCalibre Ignite

"Innovative, insightful, inspirational. Ross' newsletters are a think tank of recruitment ideas. I never miss an issue."

Andrew Rodger - National Talent Manager, Peoplebank Australia

Rookie Recruiter
Training Program

Agency recruiters in their first
year of recruitment

Next program commences
8 June 2021

Recruiter Program

Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
recruitment experience

Next program commences
12 August 2021

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

Next program commences
11 June 2021

Coaching Program

Tailored programs designed for
owners and leaders

Owners' Coaching
Group Program

A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

Why SEEK’s profitable job board future is assured for a while yet

Do you do any of the following? Drive your car with each tyre at half pressure, all the time? Throw out half the food you have purchased, every week? Knowingly, pay 50% more tax than you have to, every year? I very much doubt you do any of these things. Yet there is a fair…
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First-year worker quit rate is 45%: what’s the credit potential of your jobs?

A close friend of mine quit her job earlier this month. After three years with her previous employer, one of Australia’s largest companies, she accepted a new role with a much smaller company. Although the benefits were fewer she felt the opportunities to expand her skill set were greater. Unfortunately, once she started work with…
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Interview with 2021 RCSA (Aus) Recruiter of the Year: Hannah Deady of MAYDAY Recruitment

Last month the RCSA Awards Night for Australian members was held in Sydney.  Unfortunately, due to the most recent Melbourne lockdown, I was unable to attend. However, I was delighted that MAYDAY Recruitment’s Hannah Deady was the winner of the prestigious Recruitment Professional of the Year. Hannah is a participant in my current Leadership Coaching…
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KPMG throws down the gauntlet with major parental leave change

A seismic shift that’s likely to impact many companies’ remuneration and benefits policies, occurred last Thursday. Accounting and business advisory firm, KPMG raised the bar with its paid parental leave scheme — extending it to 26 weeks, with no “primary” or “secondary” carer qualifying status and offering it to all Australian employees, regardless of tenure.…
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Who wants this job (part 2)? Hospitality workers vote with their feet

The hospitality sector around the globe seems to be in collective shock. The sector that (along with the related sectors of agriculture, tourism, events, arts, sport, and leisure) bore the most significant economic impact of the COVID-19 shutdowns is now struggling to attract workers back to the sector now that jobs are readily available again.…
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Low pay, scarce resources and little respect: who wants this job?

I come from a family of teachers. My mother was a physical education teacher and each of my three sisters entered the teaching profession (one a primary school teacher and both of my twin sisters became high school teachers). Two of my uncles were high school teachers, one becoming a highly-regarded principal. I regard myself…
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It’s hard to overstate the incredible achievement of Fiji at the @Olympics rugby 7s. A nation of just under 900,000 people produces a gold medal and a bronze medal in the men’s and women’s events. True punching beyond your weight.

Have the Barilaros avoided GST on their luxury estate? What’s the scam? @CallumDRFoote reports for @MichaelWestBiz

Australia is the biggest exporter of gas, bar none, in the world, yet we are paying the seventh-highest prices for gas in the world. @CallumDRFoote reports on the gas cartel and the myth there is a gas “market”. @MichaelWestBiz

Of the 51 metropolitan areas in the USA with a 2010 Census population of 1 million or more, Salt Lake City, UT, and Birmingham-Hoover, AL, had the lowest jobless rates in
June, 3.2 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively @BLS_gov

Why @seekjobs ’s profitable job board future is assured for a while yet my latest blog feat. @rod_hhmc @VincereHQ @nigelharse

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