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28 May 2019

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10 September 2019

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Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

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11 June 2019

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Tailored programs designed for
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Interview with 2019 RCSA Recruiter of the Year: Seamus Scanlon of Davidson

One of the most competitive gongs in the local recruitment industry is the coveted RCSA Recruitment Professional of the Year. This year the winner was Seamus Scanlon from Davidson. Three years ago Seamus joined Davidson after spending the previous five years recruiting construction project managers in two different agencies. Within two years he was recruiting…
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All great recruiting questions must be BACON

The 2019 Australasian Talent Conference was another excellent mix of speakers, vendors and networking. Xref CEO and Co-founder, Lee-Martin Seymour’s session on the second day; The Art of Asking Great Questions provided an example of what all excellent conference presentations contain: brevity, humour, credibility, stories, value and a memorable model, acronym or concept. Xref’s ten…
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Randstad and Adelaide boutique sweep HRD Recruiter of the Year awards

Underwood Executive (L to R):  Vanessa Jones, Nikki Hentschke, Nicole Underwood, Eloise Nicholson.   HR Director magazine has announced its winners of their 2019 Australian Recruiter of the Year awards. The winners are decided by respondents (internal recruiters and relevant HR professionals) nominating the best recruitment agency, from their dealings with external recruiters over the…
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Rubicor: the incompetence and delusion continues

As hard as it is to believe, things have deteriorated further at Rubicor since I last commented on their performance in late February. On 1 March Rubicor were one of only eleven public companies (out of approximately 2200 listed on the ASX) to have trading in their shares suspended by the ASX for failing to…
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p2p’s Mark Smith: from failed accountant to outstanding CEO

I first met Mark Smith in 1994. I was a consultant in the Temporary Solutions Sydney temp accounting team and Mark has been hired to work on the North Sydney accounting temp desk which was situated in the same office, at Level 12, 275 George Street. Mark had given up his going-nowhere career at Deloitte…
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Arrogant employers inflict more self-harm

Why do generally law-abiding citizens do illegal, stupid and risky things? It’s a question that continues to reverberate inside my head as a watch episodes of National Geographic’s latest reality offering; Airport Security Peru. In each week’s episode another two or three drug mules are caught attempting to smuggle cocaine through Jorge Chavez International Airport…
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High-performing employees thrive because of how they tap into their professional network and how they interact with people in the organization via @HRTechSummit

A survey of 601 payroll managers released on Tuesday by the Australian Payroll Association (APA) found a whopping 58% of small business respondents were paying employees differently for the same work and responsibilities via @SmartCompany

California doesn’t have enough doctors. To recruit them, the state is paying off medical school debt. In exchange, doctors must pledge that at least 30% of their caseloads will be devoted to Medi-Cal patients for five years. via @latimes

Congratulations to @EarlTalentInt and the whole team at @TalentInt for their outstanding ebook Human: Global perspectives on diversity in tech taking action to be part of the solution, rather than bemoaning the problem. I love what you have done.

The goal of more equal gender representation within the paid Australian labour force won’t be sustainably achieved unless we also address the imbalance in unpaid work. My blog on this topic from Jan 2016 > @Green_Dot 2/2

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