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Rookie Recruiter
Training Program

Agency recruiters in their first
year of recruitment

Next program commences
2 March 2021

Recruiter Program

Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
recruitment experience

Next program commences
7 October 2020

Leadership Coaching for High Performance Program

Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

Next program commences
16 November 2020

Coaching Program

Tailored programs designed for
owners and leaders

Owners' Coaching
Group Program

A year-long  collaborative group program designed to create a solid foundation for your agency’s growth.

Stop the farce – most gig platform contractors are really employees

The recent deaths in of two food delivery riders, working for separate gig platforms has, again, brought into tragic focus one problem, of many, that a vulnerable worker faces when classified as an independent contractor, rather than as an employee. An Uber Eats rider, an Indonesian national, and a Hungry Panda rider, a Chinese national,…
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How the pandemic may unexpectedly change the war for talent

There have been countless articles, podcasts and television panels discussing the impact of COVID-19 on people’s health and the impact on local, national and global economies. Last week a survey from the UK reported that 53 per cent of recruitment professionals had self-assessed their mental health as having declined in the past year. Financial difficulties…
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Leading through COVID: an interview with RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron

(Left to right, Charles in WFH mode, September 2020 and, at the WEC conference in Geneva, March 2020) RCSA Chief Executive, Charles Cameron, is a few months past his four year anniversary in our industry’s hottest seat. As if he hasn’t got enough to do he has now been elected as one of the two…
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Mable attracting scrutiny, despite the silence of vested media interests

The insidious nature of vested interests and a playing field that’s a long, long way from level, when it comes to Federal Government tenders and contracts, has come to the fore with the abysmal failure of the tender-free $5.77 million contract for ‘surge staffing’ in aged care facilities impacted by COVID-19,  awarded to Mable Technologies…
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How are you going?

How are you going; really? More specifically; how is your mental health? Working from home; working alone; working in an unsuitable environment; and working in a tough market are each a challenge. If you are based in Victoria, as I am, you are also dealing with not being able to have face-to-face contact with any…
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A***holes in the workplace: your time is up  

Have company directors finally woken up to the long term reputational damage that male leaders are causing organisations when they behave like entitled, sex-focused, arseholes (predators?), towards their female subordinates? The damage to the reputation and career of male arseholes of this type has been, to date, negligible (exhibit A: Donald Trump). The countless women…
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An appellate court in California upheld a trial court preliminary injunction prohibiting @Uber and @lyft from classifying their drivers as independent contractors in a lawsuit brought by the Ca AG and city attorneys from LA, San Diego and San Francisco.

The @fire_scot launches a new recruitment drive to find permanent firefighters. via @edinburghpaper

For the third quarter in a row, Tasmania has taken the top spot, in @CommSec ’s State of the States report, analysing economic performance. In particular, Tassie has recorded strong relative population growth, and a dip in unemployment. @SmartCompany

The number of casual job opportunities in Australia rose by 19.5% over the Sept quarter, according to the latest @Sunsuper Australian job index. At the same time, contingent jobs, as a percentage of total employment vacancies, is at a record high at 33.2%

"Shame and rejection": I'm one of many middle-aged women dealing with blatant ageism at work. via @Mamamia

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