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18 September 2018

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Agency recruiters with a minimum of two years
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7 March 2019

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Owners of small agencies, and team leaders of medium to large recruitment agencies

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12 November 2018

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Tailored programs designed for
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How Hays drives scalable and profitable growth around the globe

What’s the best free resource available for learning about scaling recruitment agency success? The Hays plc Annual Report would be a very strong contender. As I read through the recently released 2018 edition (yet another fascinating and insightful read) I was reminded of a presentation from the recent RCSA Conference in Noosa. President of Staffing…
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How my first girlfriend lost her way, and her life

Amanda was my first serious girlfriend. She was funny, smart, sporty and cute. We met when I was just starting year 12 and she was a year below me. We were both 16. A talented hockey player, Amanda was selected in state under-age teams. After the game and after hours she was always the life…
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Rubicor 2018 results: Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck

Earlier this year I published a couple of blogs that dissected the woeful and clueless performance of the executives leading Rubicor, after the company’s most recent half year update was released, covering the company’s performance for the July 2017 – December 2017 period. I concluded the first blog (15 March 2018) with: The share market…
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Vale Kristen Florance (20 June 1965 – 3 October 2018)

  The death of my sister, Mary, from breast cancer nearly 7 years ago, was the shocking event that opened my eyes to the reality that cancer, in all its many forms, was a heartbreak that many families have to face. Like Mary, many people die from cancer at an age when they should still…
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Interview with 2018 RCSA (Aus) Recruitment Professional of the Year: Jane Lowney of Robert Walters

In June, the RCSA announced the winners of the Australian RCSA awards for 2018. The winner of the award for Recruitment Professional of the Year was Head of Engineering & Infrastructure at Robert Walters (Australia); Jane Lowney. Originally from Clonakilty, a small town on the south coast of Ireland, Jane studied Civil Engineering between 2005 and 2010 and always…
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The aftermath of the FutureYou series

This week marks the 11th anniversary of the very first issue of InSight. In that time I have published over 500 blogs. Only a small number of these blogs have generated a strong reader reaction. However, there is no parallel with the response I have received as the FutureYou series of blogs (now posted as…
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Economists raised their estimates for US job gains this year and in 2019 but kept their outlook for the unemployment rate mostly unchanged via @SIADailyNews

The fifth Workplace Gender Equality agency review into pay discrepancies between men and women employees found, on average, the male premium to be 21.3%. A slight narrowing compared to previous year. via @guardian

How Design Thinking Might Humanize Talent Acquisition via @ERE_net

UK: Taxi and courier firm Addison Lee lost its appeal yesterday against a claim that its drivers are workers and not self-employed. via @SIADailyNews

The US Army is forming a 'Fortnite' team to help with recruitment via ⁦@mashable⁩

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