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Rubicor liquidators (for $1.75 million) wade through a clusterpuck

Two weeks’ ago the Rubicor administrators, FTI Consulting, released their sixth public circular to creditors. FTI’s statutory report provides little comfort for the Group’s creditors, including many former employees. It’s a brief insight into the clusterpuck that Rubicor became under the incompetence, self-serving hypocrisy, obfuscation, lying and withholding of material information of Angus Mason, David…

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Musings from the 2019 RCSA World Employment Conference (part 2): recommendations

In last week’s blog I offered my musings from the 2019 RCSA World Employment Conference. I summarised these musings under the structure I borrowed from presenter, Peter William’s concluding slide: Think ahead Orient towards partnerships It’s people with technology Learn faster to move faster Based on these musings I offer the following recommendations to recruitment…

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RecruitLoop shuts: Another recruitment ‘disruptor’ quietly dies

As the Australian recruitment industry continues to flourish one of the this decade’s more prominent recruitment industry disruptors quietly closed its doors recently. RecruitLoop launched in early 2011 promising a “stress-free recruitment process” while “slashing the cost of traditional recruitment support by up to 80%”. As any recruiter knows there’s no such thing as low-cost…

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