Arrogant employers inflict more self-harm

Why do generally law-abiding citizens do illegal, stupid and risky things? It’s a question that continues to reverberate inside my head as a watch episodes of National Geographic’s latest reality offering; Airport Security Peru. In each week’s episode another two or three drug mules are caught attempting to smuggle cocaine through Jorge Chavez International Airport…

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SEEK price rises: you ain’t seen nothing yet

SEEK is a massive player in the local recruitment industry. Their dominance of the job board market in Australia is such that local job boards such as CareerOne/Monster, MyCareer and JobsJobsJobs are no longer competitors of any relevance. SEEK are now facing a different, and altogether more powerful, threat from global companies; Indeed (owned by…

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Out-of-touch Bassat botches Narev announcement

Although I have been in the recruitment industry for just over thirty years there’s always another surprise around the corner. This week Seek Limited announced the appointment of disgraced former Commonwealth Bank (CBA) CEO, Ian Narev, to the dual role of Chief Operating Offer and Asia Pacific & Americas (AP & A) CEO. The timing…

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