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I’m calling it – the job market is back

The mainstream media are full of big job loss stories such as Alcoa, QANTAS and Toyota but out there in the SME sector, where the economy’s engine really hums, there’s signs of life.   I have been speaking to a lot of recruitment agency owners over the past 6 weeks and almost without exception they…

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Agencies are far from dead: 2010 in review

Yes, I am pleased to confirm that the Australian recruitment agency sector, after a near-death experience in late 2008 and early 2009, is alive and well. Reports of the industry’s irrelevance were proven to be well off the mark as growth and profitability rebounded strongly in 2010.   That doesn’t mean it was a year…

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Skilled Migration – where are we at?

Recently, international professional services firm, KPMG  , released the results of their survey into skilled migration (Class 457 Visas) in Australia. These survey results, combined with recent data releases from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship   (DIAC) make for interesting reading.   I’ve reproduced the most relevant data below:   1.      There…

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