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Red Flashing Lights: How you know when profitability is about to sink

After last week’s blog on the Australian publicly listed recruitment companies that have departed the boards of the ASX, I received a few emails from readers asking me follow up questions about the decline in fortunes of such formerly successful companies. Such questions as: How do such, formerly successful, companies become so unprofitable in a relatively short…

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Another one bites the dust: The rise and fall of HJB

Last Thursday morning the inevitable happened when ASX-listed recruitment company HJB called in the corporate undertakers. During his sixteen months in charge, CEO Grahame Doyle has not been able to halt the long term decline of what was once one of the strongest brands in the Australian recruitment market. The closure of both the Parramatta…

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Do you have a future like Talent International’s or Boston Kennedy’s?

It’s been an interesting month for the business of recruitment in Australia. Earlier this month, IT specialist recruitment agency Talent International made a massive splash with their mega-event Talent Unleashed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (check out the very slick 4 minute video of the event). An audience of clients, contractors and TI staff…

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