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The best leaders do less, not more

Successful recruiters that consistently deliver high numbers do so because they are constantly in action. Every minute of every day of every week of every month is an opportunity to make more placements as quickly as possible. To work in the same office as Graham Whelan or Andrew Marty was to witness an incredible level of personal productivity on…

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What Andrew Banks and Greg Savage have in common

This week I was talking to an industry colleague, Patrick, and we were discussing the different types of leaders we had experienced in our many years in the recruitment industry. Patrick had worked under the leadership of, among others, Andrew Banks and I had worked under the leadership of, among others, Greg Savage. We talked about the things…

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Auctioning Greg Savage and Margie Warrell on eBay

My Mother’s Day Classic fundraising for breast cancer prevention and research continues with a very exciting announcement about two exclusive eBay auctions   to assist reach my fundraising goal of $10,000.     Both auctions are PRIVATE listings so your identity is hidden and protected, as is all your previous eBay activity.     Auction…

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