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The job board wars: more competition please

There’s plenty of fuss, quite rightly, being made of LinkedIn’s massive momentum in the online employment space.     All this fuss has perhaps distracted people from what progress has been made in the fight for eyeballs and dollars in the Australian job board marketplace.      Seek’s share price has rallied from around $5…

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Adventures of a (linchpin) job seeker

This is a story that I find to be both inspiring and revealing. It demonstrates what is possible when a motivated and resourceful job seeker decides not to play by the rules and, in fact, changes the game.       This is the story of Ellison Bloomfield.       Ellison is a HR…

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Maybe recruitment agencies aren’t so bad after all

The decision by recruitment agency critic and job seeker advocate, Diane Lee, to discontinue her EventItUp website coincides with the release of the inaugural Executive Monitor report, a joint research project between Phillip Tusing (Destination Talent blog) and niche job board SixFigures.     The report is a summary of the findings from a survey…

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