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Facebook jobs: a massive win for genuine recruitment consultants

Last week we saw the official confirmation of what has been an open secret for some years: Job postings on Facebook. LinkedIn’s dominance in the corporate recruiting world has been unchallenged due its unmatched depth of high skill professionals available on its platform. The price of the not-free LinkedIn recruitment offerings has made it clear that large enterprises recruiting…

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Australia still a global laggard in talent practices: Netherlands #1

LinkedIn and PWC have recently trumpeted that Australia is the world’s worst country for effective white collar recruitment and retention practices due to 23% of new hires quitting their job within 12 months of starting. Our closest cultural cousins, the USA and the UK, were far better with 15% and 12% respectively. This information is taken from research undertaken…

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Qualitative data: The profitable future for the recruitment industry

I have reflected further on the two recruitment conferences that I attended late last month. The thoughts I documented straight after the conference were about the direct threat that I saw being posed to the traditional recruitment agency business model (last week’s blog was an analysis of the downfall of one of those traditional agency businesses, HJB, that…

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