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I call BS on employer groups: Get better rather than want things to be easier

I read a news article on the SmartCompany website last month ‘Unemployment rate hits 12-year high as SMEs struggle to hire in “rigid” IR system‘ that irritated me. I was irritated again when I read a similar article this week ‘Ai Group calls for Productivity Commission to make it easier to sack employees‘. What irritated me was the notion that when…

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Does engagement drive performance, or the other way around?

There is much written about employee engagement and how important it is as a foundation for a successful team or company. However few people, until recently, have asked; does engagement drive performance or does performance drive engagement? Some recent research sheds a fascinating insight into the answer. BRW wrote about the research late last year. This is…

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How to have an effective one-on-one meeting

For the uninitiated, a one-on-one occurs, most commonly, when a consultant meets with their direct manager to have a ‘closed door’ discussion about the progress being made against agreed targets.   The most common foundation for these discussions is the KPI Report (or Activity Report). This report details what key activities have been completed in…

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