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Creating temp jobs out of nothing at all*

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a temp recruiter, was creating a temp^ job from nothing. I mean ‘nothing’ in the sense that there was no existing job before you took the initiative; the client hadn’t even considered using a temp or considered that there was work a temp might usefully be engaged…

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The unsexy,old-fashioned, boring call cycle

In the past month I have bought a case of wine, 6 printer cartridges and had my car serviced. Nothing unusual about that you might think, and you’d be right.   The common denominator of these purchases was that each purchase decision was triggered by a telemarketing call. Not just any old telemarketing call but…

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The Madness of Senator Conroy

Sometimes dumb ideas are so obviously dumb you would think that it would be impossible for people to act on them. But try this word association game with me; Tiger Woods-Las Vegas, Tom Cruise-Oprah’s couch, John Howard-Work Choices and Barnaby Joyce-Shadow Finance Minister. See what I mean?       Well, looming we have a…

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