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Whose job are you doing?

Last week I had a conversation with one of my long-time clients. His issue was, in a nutshell, not having time to do his job because he was too busy doing the job of his staff.      What does that mean?    In his situation this meant;    ·           …

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Low performers are team focused extraverts (and other surprises)

The Recruiters’ Hub Conference produced plenty of A1 content. I have already written about Bill Bartee’s profit formula of LTVC > CCA, Greg Savage’s compelling dissection of how social media is the engine room of Firebrand’s generation of new candidates and clients and how RPOs are changing the game for agency recruiters. Towards the end of day two of the Conference, we heard three…

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The Perfect Employee … The Perfect Employer?*

So what do employers really want in an employee? Well the government thinks they have the answer and amazingly, I believe they’ve got it pretty right! How do I know? In my recent research I found this great publication, Australian Jobs 2008, which is prepared by the Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations. Page 26…

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