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Supporting Breast Cancer Research  My sister, Mary, died in London (UK) on 18th of January 2012 at the age of 44.


Four years previously, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the best medical advice and care and Mary’s optimism and fighting spirit, she lost the battle with this terrible disease that claimed her life.


Mary’s death has had a devastating impact on my family and I. That impact is also felt by many other people who have been a part of Mary’s life in both Australia and the UK, where she had lived for the past twenty-one years.


Mary’s husband of 17 years, Sam, is now left to raise their two children Ned (aged 5) and Lola (4) by himself. Ned and Lola will grow up without their mother’s love and guidance and at such tender ages, and as time moves on, they are likely to have little memory of their own experiences with their mother.


My parents, Betty and Tony have lost a wonderful, caring daughter and my sisters, Anne and Jill, and I, have lost a very dear, loving sister.


In memory of my sister, my family and I are committed to raising awareness of breast cancer and also to raising funds for breast cancer charities and breast cancer research.


I have set up a page on my website which provides details of my family’s current fundraising efforts. I have also listed a range of websites that provide further information about breast cancer, breast cancer research and breast cancer fundraising.


I encourage all of you to visit the page and do what you can to make a difference to the lives of many women and their families (maybe even your own) who are or have been impacted by breast cancer.

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It is heartening to see so much support for this dreadful condition. Thanks for a wonderful post!
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