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At the RCSA gala Ball with

fellow Outstanding

Contribution Award finalist, Rosemary Scott

Two week ago the RCSA held the highly successful 2012 Gala Ball and Awards Night at The Regent Theatre Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne. The event was filled almost to capacity with recruitment agency owners, managers and consultants as well as industry suppliers and media.   

The venue was absolutely beautiful and the evening was expertly hosted by Mike McLeish best known to most of the audience for his portrayal of Paul Keating in Casey Bennetto’s hugely successful production of Keating! The Musical.

The dancing went on until midnight and then most of the hardy stayers (me included) retreated to the Martini Bar, next door at The Westin.  

The following award winners were announced:   

McLean Award for Workplace Safety  

Winner: Skilled Group  

Finalists: HORNER Recruitment and Programmed Integrated Workforce   

Young Recruitment Professional Award  

Winner: Sean Blanche   (Bayside Group)

Finalists: Mary Pratt (Talent2), Brooke Archer (Boston Kennedy), Courtney Rowe (Fusion Workforce) and Kurt Gillam (Clarius)   

Outstanding Contribution Award  

Winner: Robert Blanche  (Bayside Group)

Finalists: Rosemary Scott; Robert van Stokrom and yours truly   

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award  

Winner: Beaumont Consulting  

Finalists:  360HR, CBC Staff Selection, Chandler Macleod Brisbane and Gordon Group   

Newly inducted Life Member of the RCSA  

Peter Gleeson   (Chandler Macleod)   

Robert Blanche demonstrated what a worthy winner he was by giving a very warm and humble acceptance speech with the wonderful observation that he believed he had gained more from participating in the industry than he had put in and that’s why he has given 26 years of service to the industry and why he continues to contribute.

Congratulations Robert and all the other winners – it was wonderful to acknowledge your respective accomplishments at such a successful and enjoyable event.

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