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Two years ago I decided to do some research to see how various high profile firms in the recruitment industry were approaching the job of attracting their own potential employees through a dedicated careers site.

The results were embarrassing and I concluded: Based on this sample, I award the recruitment sector an overall grade of … … Fail.

Twelve months later, in December 2012, I completed the same exercise and had this to say:

Disappointingly many of the sites I reviewed last year had made no improvements in the past 12 months. As a rule, the poor stayed poor and the average stayed average.This week I completed the same exercise. See the results in the table, below:

As the report is too large to embed in this newsletter, please click on the image below to view the full report and the results, in order of top (highest rating) to bottom (lowest rating).

 Click on the image below – the report opens in a new browser window as a PDF document

Again, I’m disappointed to report that there’s not much to be cheerful about. Depressingly a majority of career sites I reviewed were exactly the same as when I reviewed them twelve months previously.

I find it perplexing that such large agencies as Manpower and Kelly can appear to have such a disinterested attitude towards the attraction and recruitment of their own staff.

Xpand, owned by Rubicor, is an agency whose careers site has been reviewed by me for the first time and it was great to see how much thought they have put into it. I hope it provides some inspiration for others to follow.

As per last year, both Ambition  and Wavelength International   scored the maximum rating of 5 stars for their respective careers sites because, each site clearly communicated a compelling purpose,
energy, and culture. Both agencies have done an excellent job at creating engaging content that’s also great to look at.

I really hope that next year, when I re-visit this exercise, I have a lot more to be enthusiastic about.

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