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My fundraising campaign for the 2015 Mother’s Day
Classic has now finished.


On Sunday morning 10 May 2015, more than 120,000
Australians, in all capital cities and 91 regional locations participated in
the Mother’s Day Classic.


Why do so many people make this commitment on Mother’s


  • By 2020, it is projected that 17,210 women will be diagnosed with
    breast cancer every year in Australia – an average of 47 women every day.
  • Currently, one in eight Australian women will develop breast cancer
    in their lifetime.
  • On average, seven women die from breast cancer in this country
    every day.
  • Since Women in Super started Mother’s Day Classic, the 5 year
    survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer have been
    increasing, and now stand at 89% of those diagnosed.
  • Improvements in survival are attributed to earlier detection of
    breast cancer and improved treatment outcomes – which is why research is
    so vital. 

Mary & Sam 1997

The event has a very personal
aspect for me. My sister, Mary (pictured right with her husband, Sam just after
they were married), died of breast cancer in 2012. Mary’s breast cancer was
detected too late and she died three years later.


I set out to raise $10,000 and, thanks to 48 donors  ,
we raised $6,510  , which ranked me the 4th highest fundraiser in
Melbourne and 11th highest fundraiser nationally.


Total fundraising exceeded $4 million, on top
of the $24.3 million raised in previous years. This has made Mother’s Day Classic the
biggest single donor to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF),
supporting research projects into detection, prevention, treatment and
ultimately finding a cure.


I was thrilled to be one of a
handful of people nationally selected as a MDC Community Champion to help raise
awareness of the Mother’s Day Classic and how the fundraising effort helps
prevent more Australian women from dying of breast cancer.


Thank you to everyone who supported the Mother’s Day
Classic, either by donating to my campaign, donating to someone else’s MDC
campaign or by participating in the MDC themselves.

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