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This week I went to my dentist, Harmeet, because I had a very sensitive tooth. Drinking liquid was not pleasant.

After a quick inspection and asking me to grip an object with my teeth and release, Harmeet concluded it was most likely a cracked tooth and that he would refer me to my local endodontic dental specialist for further tests.

I started to ask him questions about my cracked tooth and as I did he went to his filing cabinet and pulled out a fact sheet on cracked teeth (see right).

The fact sheet had all the basic information I needed to know about my tooth. Why would the dentist waste his time talking to me about something I can read about myself? It makes good basic business sense.

The same business sense applies to recruitment consultants and the many conversations they have with candidates where the same information (more or less) is repeated time and time again.

Do you produce similar fact sheets or FAQs, both in hard copy and via a link to the relevant section of your agency’s website?

These documents could save you, cumulatively, days of time.

Here’s a few you might consider:

  1. Applying for an Australian work visa
  2. The working rights and restrictions of the various Australian work visas
  3. Applying for permanent residency
  4. How to construct an effective resume
  5. How temporary residents are taxed
  6. What superannuation is and how it works
  7. Self-assessment tax returns
  8. Issuing of group certificates after the end of the financial year
  9. Employer sponsorship
  10. How to make the most of your temporary assignment
  11. Award conditions (including public holiday and overtime payments)
  12. How to effectively answer a behavioural interview question
  13. Sample of interview questions likely to be asked, and how to best answer them
  14. List of local generalist/labour hire agencies for low-skilled applicants and walk-ins

Of course you don’t (and shouldn’t) be the provider of all this information and all these documents. For many of these documents you just need to supply the appropriate website URL for the person to visit for more information.

Here are some examples of what recruitment agencies in Australia are doing:

HaysTemp FAQ

Michael PageInterview questions

RCSAVisa class 457 FAQ

Chandler MacleodPsych testing FAQ

Skilled GroupWorking ‘in the mines’ FAQ

WorkpacFinding a job through Workpac FAQ

How much time could you save with information sheets and FAQs?


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