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“We’re not a job board anymore”: CareerOne

CareerOne has abandoned its job board in favour of a “skills marketplace” …….. the company is now actively working to change perceptions about its business. ShortList, 11 March 2014

CareerOne strategy “Flipping 180 degrees”

CareerOne is refocusing on its core job board platform as part of a strategy and website overhaul, with renewed hopes it can rival SEEK’s dominance. ShortList, 7 July 2015

CareerOne launches “full recruitment service”

CareerOne has launched a new offering that it says will provide a full recruitment service for the same cost as advertising a job online. ShortList, 3 August 2016

(Head of Career One Recruitment Services, Dorian) Van Zyl is aiming for CareeOne Recruitment Services to reach 200 employees by the end of the next financial year, only 22 months away and to break even before then. InSight, 9 September 2016

CareerOne shutting recruitment service

CareerOne is closing its recruitment business, its new owner confirmed to ShortList.

The buyer group that  acquired the job board  earlier this month, headed by  Octomedia  CEO Oliver Ranck , wants to “wipe the slate clean” and won’t be focusing on recruitment, he says. ShortList, 15 August 2017

Another year, another change in strategic direction for CareeOne.

Thirteen months ago I met Dorian Van Zyl, the recently-appointed Head of Recruitment Services at CareerOne. This is what I wrote on this blog about my meeting:

Van Zyl is aiming for CareeOne Recruitment Services to reach 200 employees by the end of the next financial year, only 22 months away and to break even before then. A road show is currently underway along the Australian east coast to kick start the company’srecruitment drive
Achievement of the growth target would, to my knowledge, represent the fastest growth of a recruitment agency, from scratch, in the history of the Australian recruitment industry.
Van Zyl wants CareerOne to deliver a world class recruitment service for the CareerOne clients.

The challenge will be doing this without a wholesale departure of their recruitment agency clients, sufficiently annoyed by CareerOne’s play for ‘their clients’, to withdraw their custom.

 Van Zyle subsequently engaged me to run my Rookie Recruiter Training Program as an inhouse program for the CareerOne recruiters in both Melbourne and the CareerOne sourcing team in Manila. I ran this program across September, October and November. Van Zyl wanted to discuss further training services with me but I declined as I was not interested in working with a company that does not take its contractual agreements seriously (CareerOne paid my invoice seven weeks late).

The writing was on the wall for CareerOne Recruit when Van Zyl left Careeer One six months later, in May this year. In the same month CareerOne parent company, Acquire Learning went into administration, subsequent to an ACCC investigation about its sales tactics in selling courses to consumers, sourced from CareerOne’s job board candidate pool.

Octomedia, headed by CEO Oliver Ranck purchased Acquire Learning’s 90 per cent stake in CareerOne early last month for $250,000 and then recently purchased the remaining 10% from owners randstad/Monster.

Ranck announced that CareerOne would be integrated into media publishing platforms to “broaden readers’ access to jobs, and to help recruiters target passive talent”,according to the report in ShortList (15 August, 2017).

The site will continue under its current branding, and using Monster’s technology, for the foreseeable future, Ranck adds. The current focus is on stabilising the team and ensuring everyone’s on board with the new strategy, which Ranck says will stay “very adaptive… changing as we go along”.

Are you kidding me? CareerOne’s new owner publicly admits that he doesn’t have a clear strategy for a (much-maligned) asset his company just purchased?

It’s obvious why the recruitment industry doesn’t take CareerOne seriously anymore.

Does anybody?

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I really have to agree, but that would be why the Australian Government still uses them on the ” Jobactive” site, always the last to get and use a better ,easier , job-seeker friendly site. Having to do job searches every day and knowing that what you have already applied for is still on there up to a month later, with little or no detailed information that is recognizable . Outdated yes, but of course probably cheap a plus for the Government.!!!! After-all lets waste money on a Jobactive site that is confusing and ineffective.

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