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Stop your whinging hospitality employers: Improve pay and conditions

Last Friday industry news service, ShortList, ran a story (subscriber access only) on the struggles being faced by hospitality recruiters in finding sufficient staff to meet the demand from employers. The following from the ShortList article summarises the problem perfectly: (Frontline Hospitality Sydney agency manager Stephen) McGuire also noted salary packages for kitchen roles still aren’t as attractive as they…

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Some slave labour with your free range chicken?

Anybody that viewed the recent 4 Corners ‘Slaving Away’ report (4 May, 2015) would have been absolutely appalled, as I was, at what they learned. Reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna lifted the lid on sham labour-hire contractors (to classify those operators exposed by 4 Corners as ‘labour-hire firms’ insults the vast majority of the  ndustry who pride…

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