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Stop your whinging hospitality employers: Improve pay and conditions

Last Friday industry news service, ShortList, ran a story (subscriber access only) on the struggles being faced by hospitality recruiters in finding sufficient staff to meet the demand from employers. The following from the ShortList article summarises the problem perfectly: (Frontline Hospitality Sydney agency manager Stephen) McGuire also noted salary packages for kitchen roles still aren’t as attractive as they…

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Do we really need recruiters on 457 visas?

The Federal Government has just released the latest 457 visa report. It makes for interesting reading. The headline statistics are: The number of subclass 457 primary visas granted  , 51,940, in the 2013-14 year was 24.2 per cent lower than the previous year, 68 480. The number of primary visa holders in Australia   on 30 June 2014 was 108,870, 0.8…

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Defensive recruitment skills: overlooked and underrated

The stereotype agency recruiter is a fast-talking, cold calling, aggressive hunter. They make things happen by finding vacancies and filling them quickly.     These skills are what I would call ‘offensive’ skills and activities. These are the skills of attack, where a recruiter is focused on finding opportunities, leveraging those opportunities and closing those…

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