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What’s your legacy?

Greg Savage’s current tour across Australian and New Zealand is putting the Savage name up in lights amongst the recruitment community but it was another Savage, Greg’s younger brother Chris, who caught my attention this week. I have previously recommended Chris’s blog, Wrestling Possums, to you, as I have found it to be an excellent…

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Celebrating 250 Issues of InSight

  Wednesday 26th September marks the 250th issue of InSight. It’s also the 5th anniversary, to the day, of the first issue of InSight.   Apart from my annual two week Christmas holiday break, InSight has been landing in your inbox every week since it was first published on 26 September 2007.   I was…

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Recapping 4 years of blogging

  Today marks the 200th issue of InSight, my weekly e-zine. It’s also the 4th anniversary of the first issue of InSight  which means of have been blogging for four years.     Apart from a brief break over Christmas/New Year,each year, InSight has been emailed out to  subscribers every Wednesday morning (or Tuesday afternoon/evening…

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