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Your fee: Don’t be a victim of the unfair, irrational or deluded

I read, with some amusement, on industry news service, ShortList, of the Victorian lawyer,Monica Shamon who used a recruitment agency, Australian Staffing Agency, to hire a candidate (ASA were so good they found a suitable candidate within 24 hours) then attempted to evade responsibility for the placement fee. The amusement comes from the fact that Ms Shamon, a lawyer (!),…

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Business Editor botches recruitment industry exposé: trashes personal brand instead

The past two weeks has been filled with plenty of online comment about the Murdoch press’s pathetic piece of click bait Former recruitment agent spills details on what really goes on in the industry that was published on’s websites around the country on 14 November 2013.Plenty of industry people leapt into the fray, including Scott Recruitment…

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A Lesson in Humility by John Colebatch

I am currently taking a couple of weeks off over the school holidays and normally when I take time off I republish a lead article from the InSight archives. However this week is different.     Prompted by my lead article last week, Sydney-based executive recruiter John Colebatch contacted me to share a few amusing…

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