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Can years of education predict work performance?

I received a lot of positive feedback in response to my last blog Why many CEOs fail: They talk smart but don’t act smart. Clearly many people in the recruitment sector have witnessed the same thing whether inside their own company or inside a client’s company. Looking at the recent actions of President Trump, it’s obvious…

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The best leaders do less, not more

Successful recruiters that consistently deliver high numbers do so because they are constantly in action. Every minute of every day of every week of every month is an opportunity to make more placements as quickly as possible. To work in the same office as Graham Whelan or Andrew Marty was to witness an incredible level of personal productivity on…

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How the Six Degrees Executive back office team drives their culture

At the Recruitment International Awards (Australia), held in Sydney on 28 April 2016 Six Degrees Executive won two awards: The Best Company to Work For (Medium) and Best Back Office Team.(Photo: The winning SDE team at the 2016 Recruitment International Awards. Co-founders Nick Hindhaugh is pictured second from the right and Paul Hallam is pictured third from the right).Six Degrees Executive is…

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