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Want a high performance team? Then don’t aspire to team harmony

Last Friday I attended a fundraiser for RUOK?. The morning comprised of twenty minute presentations from each of the 8 excellent presenters, skillfully welcomed and thanked by MC, Glenn Capelli. Among the speakers was Rachael Robertson who I was familiar with from her humourous and inspiring closing keynote Leading on the Edge at the 2015 RCSA PEARL Consultant Forum, held at Crown,…

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Andrew Banks: Statistics tell you where to look

Two weeks ago I flew to Sydney to listen to industry legend, Andrew Banks, in conversation with MC Andrew Klein at the Think Tank session organised by the RCSA and held at the Swissotel. Andrew Klein managed the, often difficult, balance between probing further on any specific topic and keeping proceedings moving along to fit in…

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The predictable agency profit killer: ill-considered growth beyond 10 staff

The Recruitment Industry Benchmarking Report that Nigel Harse and Deb Charman compile each month is an invaluable resource for all its 126 subscribers across Australia and New Zealand. Of special interest to industry observers and pundits, like me, is the aggregated data released annually, and what this reveals about the effectiveness and productivity of our…

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