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When Recruiter Daily took a sabbatical three months ago, I took it upon myself to find out who in the Australian and New Zealand recruitment community were active bloggers. It’s proven a bit tougher than I thought but here’s a run-down (in no particular order) of those in the recruitment community who are blogging at least semi-regularly.  


Blog URL    
Who are they?    
Check out this post    
Stuart Harvey    
Founder of Conn3cted People (Sydney)  
Nicole Underwood    
Recently departed GM of Entrée Recruitment (Adelaide)  
Luke Collard    
Recruiter with Scott Recruitment Services (Melbourne)  
Greg Savage    
Founder and Global CEO of Firebrand Talent Search (Sydney)  
Dan Nuroo    
Recruiter at Perlo (Melbourne)  
Riges Younan    
Founder of Peerlo (Melbourne)  
Thomas Shaw    
Founder of the Recruitment Directory (Melbourne)  
Ineke Read    
Business manager at Davidson Recruitment (Brisbane)  
Rob Davidson    
Co-founder and Joint MD of Davidson Recruitment (Brisbane)  
Gaynor Lowndes    
Founder of The Recruitment Training Company (Sunshine Coast)  
Aaron Dodd    
Co-founder Mindset Group (Melbourne)  
Jonathan Rice    
Founder of Rice Consulting (Auckland)  
Paul Jacobs    
Owner of Engage (Wellington)  
Adam Walker    
Director at Conduit Recruitment (Sydney)  
Kelly Magowan    
Co-founder Six Figures Job board (Melbourne)  
Phillip Tusing    
Founder of Destination Talent (Sydney)  
Brett Iredale    
Founder of Job Adder (Sydney)  


I am sure that I have missed a few people. If I have then please let me know. I will update this list periodically.     

As a blogger, I know how important it is to receive feedback by way of site visits and blog comments so I would ask you to visit these sites, read the various posts and leave comments. I promise you every blogger on this list will be grateful you did so.   

Considering the recruitment agency sector alone, has over 15,000 employees, my list of seventeen names would indicate there’s plenty of space and opportunity for other bloggers.

Why don’t you give blogging a go?

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Recruitment Auckland

Just finding time to blog has been the issue for me. I do feel that it is an important part of my business and one that I will be paying a lot more attention to in 2012.

Trumpet Page

Regular blogging will build your audience and develop relationships with potential candidates. Eventually, the talent will come to you as you'll be known as the 'expert'.

Amanda Selleck

Hi Ross,

Just wondering by chance if you know of an updated list? I am searching online and thinking surely someone has done this before me 🙂

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