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In InSight 211, I passed comment on 14 career sites, representing some of Australia’s biggest recruitment agencies. The verdict wasn’t pretty.   

I also asked for nominations for agency career sites that were worthy of highlighting. Specifically I was looking for a site that demonstrated innovation, a compelling message and information about the role and career of a recruiter as well as details of any internal vacancies.   

I wasn’t exactly flooded with agencies promoting their own careers sites which confirms my view that the conclusions I made as a result of the 14 recruitment agency careers sites I reviewed, could be reasonably applied across the whole of the local recruitment industry. However there were a couple of agencies that contacted me and suggested I check out their respective careers sites.   

Thankfully their confidence was not misplaced. The following sites are definitely worth checking out;   

  • Leading New Zealand recruitment agency Madison Recruitment  . You can’t miss the entry to the careers site on the Madison home page, Madison convincingly demonstrate how much difference a well-thought video can make in selling your culture and there are brief staff profiles and a list of current vacancies.  
  • If you want to know the standard by which all recruitment agencies should judge their own careers site then you need to look at what ASX listed recruiter Ambition   have done with their careers site, … it’s brilliant.  
    Specifically they have provided all   the information I was seeking when I conducted my careers site review InSight 211 and have gone so much further.  
    Ambition have a clearly identifiable careers site tab on their customer website home page as well as their corporate website home page. Their video (Ambition Academy) is informative, motivating, has high production values and is perfectly pitched for the aspiring recruiter.  
    There is an extensive FAQ on recruitment, a profile on Ambition’s leaders, a Day in the Life staff profile and specific people to contact about current vacancies (although no vacancies are listed anywhere that I could find). 


The recruitment agency world should   lead all other sectors when it comes to a careers site. If we are serious about being regarded as recruitment experts then all aspects of our own recruitment process should be of a very high standard; a careers site being a very good starting point in attracting and hiring high quality people to become recruiters.  
As I have discovered, this is clearly not the case for a vast majority of the recruitment industry.  

Congratulations to both Madison and Ambition – you have demonstrated leadership with your respective careers sites and have set a standard for others to match.

Later this year I look forward to conducting a sequel to my recruitment agency careers site review and, hopefully, reporting back much better news about the standard our industry is setting.

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Jessica Leslie

Hi Ross, thank you for your blog post about Ambition's site! We're glad you like it!

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