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The recruitment industry is one that is an easy target for the knockers.

I have written about this topic a few times before.

The (supposed) quality broadsheet media, use incomplete facts to paint our industry as enjoying a taxpayer-funded ‘bonanza’.

‘Internet entrepreneurs’ looking for a bit of free publicity, engage in a recruiter-bashing by accusing our industry as being ‘completely exploitative’ in order to promote their own competing product.

The tabloids employ fresh-out-of-university journalism graduates to write one-sided, unverified ‘insider-spills-the-beans’ wanna-be exposés. On it goes; predictable, relentless, and very boring; all from the keyboards of the inexperienced, the lazy or the self-promoting (probably all three).

We now have another entry (thanks for the tip-off, Steve) into this underwhelming and self-satisfied field: the smug client.

Announcing Tyro PaymentsThe Honest Job Translator video which is two and three-quarter minutes of possibly the least creative, worst-acted, and mindless piece of ’employer branding’ (trashing) that I have ever had the misfortune to view.

What exactly is the point of this rubbish?

Why doesn’t the company spend the same amount of time, money, and energy to say something positive about their company, their staff, and their job opportunities?

Portraying a recruitment agency consultant as a clueless, blonde bimbo may have been funny twenty years ago but in 2015 I would think that the great creative, beardy, male minds at Tyro could come up with something just a little more contemporary and relevant.

I note that Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes is on the Tyro Board (which consists of 8 men, 0 women). Atlassian has been an outstanding example of being creative with their recruitment/employer branding (and including recruitment agencies in their sourcing streams) without resorting to dull pot-shots at recruiters. I hope Mike takes an interest in Tyro’s recruitment methods and finds an opportunity to take them to one side for a quiet word about how they might improve.

The fact that Tyro is running generic ads such as this one on SEEK (a job board – how cutting edge!) via a recruitment agency (Evolution Recruitment; I wonder how they feel about Tyro’s video?) probably says all you need to know about how effective their The Honest Job Translator campaign has been.

I would hope that Tyro has fired the ‘creative’ person/s who came up with their campaign and are now focusing on the positive news they have to sell (I’m sure there’s plenty of it if they care to look), without having to resort to recruiter-bashing and brand trashing.

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Nicole Underwood

I have no words for this Ross….what absolute rubbish! Mike Cannon-Brookes should be embarrassed to be associated with such tripe. Where is their professionalism?


Your on a roll Ross… however unlike the "F" word blog post – I havent seen any blow back from the bearded "dude" at Tyro which makes the viewing from the readers side a tad boring being one sided. Come on Tyro… respond. Ok – that being said, I agree… what was the point of that? I was left wondering if it was a rec sector bashing video, promo for the Job Translator or Tyro who I had to look up to see if they even existed (sorry – sheltered kiwi) or were a spoof company? The real kicker and knee slapping laugh I got from this was their SEEK advert. Gold! After all that production and rambling on they slap possibly the most un creative ad up on a generic job board???

Thanks Ross… I enjoyed that one.

Emma Gordon

Another recent recruiter bashing post that I saw recently was this…


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