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I love music.


I can’t play an instrument but ever since I was about
9, I have been fascinated by music of all kinds. Growing up in 1970s
Hobart there was only two commercial stations (7HO and 7HT) and the ABC.
I listened to the only commercial station that played music all the time
(7HT) with legendary local radio celebrity,

Tim ‘Radar’ Franklin
(who sadly passed away just over a year ago),
spinning the latest records. I was especially taken with Carl Douglas’s

Kung Fu Fighting
and whenever I hear it played it evokes memories of
those days.


Once I started at the University of Tasmania, there
were plenty of memorable concerts at the Uni Bar and Activities Centre.

played an especially ragged, substance-fuelled and memorable
set, touring to support their (then) comeback album, ‘Body and the
Beat’. I don’t think I could repeat some of lead singer, Marc Hunter’s
‘requests’ to the young women in the audience, even to such a
broad-minded audience as recruiters!


When I backpacked my way to London and stayed for
nearly two years, I indulged in seeing the artists who would never have
heard of Hobart, let alone toured there. I went to 21 concerts in 20
months, covering an eclectic range of artists stretching from Toni
Childs to the Rolling Stones, from The Church to Prince and from Diana
Ross to The Fine Young Cannibals. It was an absolutely brilliant time
that I treasure greatly.


Music still plays a large role in my life and I
especially enjoy discovering new artists whose music fits seamlessly
into my very expansive tastes.

Gallant’s Ecology
is my latest discovery.


From my recent survey there’s a similarly eclectic
music taste amongst recruiters. I made a request of about thirty of
Australia’s and New Zealand’s recruitment industry identities to provide
answers to my music-related questions. Twenty three responded.


Here’s a selected summary of what I discovered from
the questions I asked about their individual music tastes:


Favourite recent release album:  

Jorja Smith – Project 11 (Charles Cameron), Drake
–Views (Stella Concha), Gang of Youths – The Positions (Guy Davey),
Adele –25 (Patrick March), Metallica – Hardwired to Self Destruct
(Jonathan Rice), Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome (Trevor Vas)


Favourite old album you still play a lot:

Cold Chisel – East (David Carman), Sarah McLachlan –
Afterglow (Eva Grabner), I recently did a Beatles tour in Liverpool, I
play Abbey Road a lot, it’s probably the best Album ever made, musically
it brilliant (Robert van Stokrom), Natalie Merchant –Tigerlilly (Nikki
Beaumont), It’s hard to pick one but probably Billy Joel – The
Essential! (Sally Paris)


Favourite album to chill out to:  

Pavarotti’s Greatest on a Sunday morning (Tony Hall),
Duke Dumont – I Got U (Nicole Underwood), Everything But the Girl –
Walking Wounded (Nick Hindhaugh), Flight Facilities – Down To Earth
(Stuart Freeman), Pink Floyd – Dark side of the Moon (Craig Watson)


Favourite summer song of all time:  

Don Henley – Boys of Summer, (Trevor Vas, Paul
Hamilton), Edward Maya – Stereo Love (Stella Concha), First Class –
Beach Baby (Barry Vienet), Kooks – Seaside (Andrew McGregor), Give Up On
Your Health – Teeth & Tongue (Luke Collard), Blur – Girls & Boys (Craig


The uncool song you secretly love (guilty

Any Neil Diamond song (Alan Claire), Rick Springfield
– Jessie’s Girl (Barry Vienet), I rarely press fast forward when Katy
Perry comes on in fact I’ve even been known to turn it up (Matt
Sampson), The Nolans – Gotta Pull Myself Together (Stuart Freeman), One
Direction – Story of My life (Andrew McGregor), Snow – Informer (Sally


Most common physical environment you listen to
music (eg car, lounge, deck, etc):  

On the stepper at gym (Tony Hall), Home, Car, Train,
in no particular order (Guy Davey), In the kitchen, cooking (Patrick
March), I always have Pandora going in the background (Paul Hamilton),
Gardening  (David Carman)


The three artists most heavily represented in your
music library:  

Fred Wesley (& the JB’s), Gillian Welch and Paul
Weller (cos my wife loves him) (Charles Cameron), Rufus, Chet Faker,
Angus & Julia Stone (Nicole Underwood), Andrea Bocelli, Sarah McLachlan
and Def Leppard (Eva Grabner), Bob Seger, Richard Clapton and Phil
Collins (Robert van Stokrom), Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rolling Stones, U2
(Paul Hamilton), The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Pixies (Luke Collard)


Your upcoming summer holiday plans that involve

Going to see “the Specials” when they play Sydney in
Feb (Alan Claire), Heading to GNR (in front of stage thanks very much)
and Bruce Springsteen (Nick Hindhaugh), My wife and I are taking our
baby daughter to Zoo Twilights (at Melbourne Zoo) to see the Rubens play
(Matt Sampson), Inviting our friends over with their guitars for a pool
side jam (Nikki Beaumont), Looking forward to Guns n Roses visit to New
Zealand in February (Jonathan Rice)

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