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Facebook jobs: a massive win for genuine recruitment consultants

Last week we saw the official confirmation of what has been an open secret for some years: Job postings on Facebook. LinkedIn’s dominance in the corporate recruiting world has been unchallenged due its unmatched depth of high skill professionals available on its platform. The price of the not-free LinkedIn recruitment offerings has made it clear that large enterprises recruiting…

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The best leaders do less, not more

Successful recruiters that consistently deliver high numbers do so because they are constantly in action. Every minute of every day of every week of every month is an opportunity to make more placements as quickly as possible. To work in the same office as Graham Whelan or Andrew Marty was to witness an incredible level of personal productivity on…

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Do we really need recruiters on 457 visas?

The Federal Government has just released the latest 457 visa report. It makes for interesting reading. The headline statistics are: The number of subclass 457 primary visas granted  , 51,940, in the 2013-14 year was 24.2 per cent lower than the previous year, 68 480. The number of primary visa holders in Australia   on 30 June 2014 was 108,870, 0.8…

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