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City of Sydney Council PSA ‘win’ equals a loss for most recruiters

Another pointless waste of time concluded last week with the announcement of the 39 recruitment agencies that were ‘successful’ in winning a place on the City of Sydney Council Temporary Staff Recruitment Panel. Industry news service, ShortList, reported that the Council’s process opened in February this year with submissions closing on 13 March 2012. It’s…

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‘Focus on your job, champ, and I’ll focus on mine’

  The employment market in Australia is going through a period of mild turbulence, coinciding with the approaching traditional summer holiday period. This combination creates the potential for recruiters to become distracted and lose focus, resulting in substantial drops in activity and results. A few examples of distracted and unfocused consultant activity I’ve heard about…

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Are you overworking your jobs?

Some friends of mine who sold their house last year were underwhelmed with the price they were offered compared to what they thought the house was worth. They had invested a lot of money in renovating the house (it looks fabulous, by the way) and were looking to get that money ‘returned’ (plus some) in…

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