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Personality Conflict

This lead story appeared in Issue 32 of my Newsletter, InSight Published: 14 May 2008     Answers to interview questions you should never accept:   Part 1: “I left because of a personality conflict with my boss”     Consider the following interview exchange, which any recruiter with more than a few weeks experience…

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Do you sound credible?

This lead story appeared in Issue 30 of my Newsletter, InSight   Published: 30 April 2008     A common request I receive from clients or prospective clients is to run a workshop on “client control”.     Of course it’s a ridiculous concept because you can no more “control” someone else (unless you have…

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Lessons in Business Leadership: Gordon Ramsay

I am an infrequent television watcher. There is very little that I regard as “must watch” TV and very few programs (over the past 15 years) have been compulsory viewing for me: Frontline (current affairs spoof), This Life (young Gen X yuppies making their way in the world), Capital City (the lives of neurotic, alcoholic,…

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