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This article originally appeared in Issue 60 of InSight   Published 26th November 2008     Recruitment agencies have traditionally thrived because outsourcing the recruitment of high quality candidates was seen by clients to be an effective use of their time compared to doing the hard yards of advertising, screening and interviewing all the candidates themselves. This has changed significantly in the past few years, as more recruitment agency clients have invested money and resources in building internal recruitment teams and quality career sites with a view to sourcing and recruiting more high quality candidates directly.My research team has invested a lot of time reviewing a large number of corporate and government career sites and I thought it timely to share the findings of this research with InSight readers:Best Public company career sites  Coles     What I liked best:   Visually appealing, well laid out, FAQ’s, Parents & Teachers section, eye-catching current job availability.Santos Limited   What I liked best: Very easy to navigate, lots of relevant information, video about living in Adelaide (Santos head office), well laid out jobs page, excellent explanation of main employee categories/roles sought by Santos.Westpac     What I liked best:   You can listen to a Sykpecast of graduates talking about their experience of the graduate program, Reasons to Work at Westpac list, videos, employee bios., 30 different job categories explained.     Lion Nathan     What I liked best:   Recruitment process visually explained, profiles of employees and their progression at LN, visually well laid out, tips provided for cover letters, resumes and interviews, extensive FAQ’s. Best Professional Services and Consulting career sites       KPMG     What I liked best:   List of required competencies with accompanying definitions, easy to navigate, job alert function, lots of relevant information, easy to read.     IBM   What I liked best:   Visually appealing, use of videos, FAQ’s, candidate charter for the IBM recruitment process. Connell Wagner     What I liked best:   Individual company contacts listed along with their telephone numbers, section on aid work, lots of relevant website links provided. Best Government career sites       City of Greater Dandenong     What I liked best:   Adobe presentations on various jobs undertaken by City employees, general conditions of employment fully listed, organisation chart available, work experience programs listed.     Environment Protection Authority     What I liked best:   Well laid out site, videos of 3 senior departmental executives discussing the role of Sustainable Directorate within the EPA. If you believe I have missed a corporate or government careers site, which you think is worth highlighting, then please let me know. As I have not included New Zealand sites in my research I would appreciate my many readers from across the Tasman sending me their recommendations of impressive NZ corporate or government career sites. As there is a large volume of small companies   in Australia, my research team and I don’t have the time to look at all of them. Therefore, I am asking for assistance from my Insight readers. If you have been impressed by a private or small company’s careers site, then please let me know by emailing me and I will check out all nominated sites and provide a summary of the best ones in an upcoming issue of InSight.I will also be reviewing recruitment company websites in the upcoming months and providing a guide of the most impressive sites early in the first quarter of 2009.  

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Posted by Scott Burton

Thanks to you and your team for doing the legwork Ross. Valuable informatin for our own sites and when consulting on client sites.

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