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‘Oh save me, not another article on Twitter’, I hear you say. I understand if that’s your reaction. There are more than enough webinars, ebooks, special reports, white papers, and articles about Twitter being pumped out by bloggers, print media journalists and social media consultants to last until the ice caps melt.  
This is not a post about how you should, or could use Twitter or why you should use Twitter. This is an article about why and how I use Twitter and by the end of this article, my aim is to assist you to make up your mind as to whether using Twitter, for business or personal reasons, is something worth your while.  
Why I use Twitter:  
• To connect and network with like-minded people who have similar interests  
• To connect with recruiters and recruitment thought leaders outside of Australia  
• As an alternative to RSS feeds clogging my Outlook  
• As an alternative to sending emails  
• To alert me to events, articles, blogs and news items of interest  
• To publicise my blog posts, articles and media mentions  
• To promote my workshops, webinars and online membership site  
• To promote relevant people, their articles and events to people who follow me on Twitter  
• To reveal and share something of my personality and interests  
• To build my personal brand  
• To distract me when I am bored or disinterested in what I am doing (eg waiting in queues, airports, sitting on public transport etc)  
How I use Twitter:  
• Through TweetDeck on my PC  
• Through Tweetie on my iPhone  
My favourite 10 people (in random order) that I follow on Twitter and why:  
1. @jo_knox 333 followers Joined Twitter Dec 2008  
Recent tweet: I love when people I’ve quoted accurately want to read over my article and change what they said so they sound smarter. Really, I LOVE that.  
Why I follow: The Recruiter Daily and HR Daily editor is informative, personal, funny, generous and light hearted.  
2. @greg_savage 3,289 followers Joined Twitter June 2009  
Recent tweet: Ditch the ‘first past the post’ culture in recruitment At Aquent we agree !  
Why I follow: A more recent convert to Twitter, Australia’s favourite recruitment presenter and Aquent International CEO, engages and informs in equal measure.  
3. @AaronDodd 412 followers Joined Twitter Jan 2009  
Recent tweet: Rec to Rec agencies (you know who you are!) keep calling my consultants. It’s a compliment. I must have some good ones!  
Why I follow: Director of Melbourne-based recruitment company, Mindset, Aaron is a expat-Kiwi who enjoys stirring the pot.  
4. @ThisIsRobThomas 151,179 followers Joined Twitter Mar 2009  
Recent tweet: drink a few cocktails. have some great food. lose a little money. have a little sex. this has been a great work/vacation.  
Why I follow: The Matchbox Twenty front man mixes politics, commentary on his travels, concerts and rock star lifestyle with banter amongst his followers/fans  
5. @Undercover 43,151 followers Joined Twitter July 2009  
Recent tweet: Meat Loaf hangs cool for new album

Why I follow: Up-to-date rock music news and reviews from around the globe, written by knowledgeable Australian music journalists Paul Cashmere and Ros O’Gorman  
6. @JessicaBooth 2,028 followers Joined Twitter Dec 2008  
Recent tweet: it felt really rude but I actually just had to ask someone to leave my office cos they were rambling about nothing.  
Why I follow: Jess was awarded HR Rising Star award recently in the AHRI National Awards 2010 and her tweets clearly demonstrate the passion she has for her work and life, generally.  
7. @mspecht 3,562 followers Joined Twitter Nov 2006  
Recent tweet: OMG I have real-time twitter posts in my google search results, how cool they keep ticking over  
Why I follow: Michael is one of Australia’s top HR technology bloggers whose thoughts are always worth reading.  
8. @ThomasShaw 7,749 followers Joined Twitter Nov 2008  
Recent tweet: I find it sad well more disappointed with the new Adecco SEEK jobs-on-site is so 2005. Surely they can do better?  
Why I follow: Thomas seems to spend his whole life online exploring the development of recruitment technology and is always uncovering, and tweeting about, interesting stuff.  
9. @miafreedman 13,410 followers Joined Twitter Jan 2009  
Recent tweet: Have just posted update to Hey Dad story after requests to remove it. Not happening.  
Why I follow: Ex-women’s mag editor and Channel 9 exec Mia Freedman always has an interesting and readable slant on current Australian cultural issues  
10. @mpesce 6,241 followers Joined Twitter April 2007  
Recent tweet: That seemed to go well. So well, in fact, I will probably be presenting my vision of the Connected City of 2030 to the Lord Mayor.  
Why I follow: ABC1 New Investors panelist and speaker on many contemporary issues, Mark Pesce, is genuinely engaging in tweeting about the goings on in his busy life.  
Here’s another 15 worth mentioning @pauljacobs4real, @BillBoorman, @trib, @Justin_Hillier, @Dannuroo, @kaz747, @Animal, @mhawkins1970, @bluetrain @JobAdder @graemebowman @jamesielliott @MeJoris @chrisbrogan @jaredw78  
Twitter works for me because I am clear as to why I am participating, how I participate and who is worth my time following and engaging with.  
It’s the same with any marketing or business development initiative I would think.  
Could Twitter work for you?  

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Marcelle Jane

I have not got on the Twitter band wagon. I have an account and have never posted a tweet. The strange part is I have followers! Is this some strange marketing tool from the creators to egg me onto make comment or spam?? I like your examples of who and why. It's sparked my interest. I am hesitant though as it's more information to filter through, on top of the emails, Linked IN, facebook, applications, etc.


Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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